How Massage Helps With Your Postnatal Recovery

How Massage Helps With Your Postnatal Recovery - PNSG

After childbirth, your baby is likely to be your priority, but taking care of your body during the postpartum period is important too.

Postpartum care involves eating right, getting sufficient rest, and paying attention to womb and vaginal care.

One way of having proper postpartum care is by pampering yourself with postnatal massages.

What is postnatal massage and how does it help with your postnatal recovery? Find out from this quick guide.

What Is Postnatal Massage?

Postnatal massage is a full body massage that is dedicated for new mothers after delivery, and it is suitable for mothers who gave birth naturally or by caesarean delivery. The massage is effective in helping moms recover from childbirth and regain their pre-pregnancy figure. On top of its healing benefits, in-home postnatal massage is popular among new mothers due to its convenience.

Postnatal massage soothes your whole body including your calves, spine area, abdomen area, breasts, arms, shoulder, neck, and head. At Post Natal Massage Singapore, your postnatal massage will last for 60 minutes and end with a 15-minute tummy binding session to give you the best results.

Benefits Of Postnatal Massage

Tone Your Body Back Into Shape

Regaining your pre-pregnancy body is not as hard as you think. Postnatal massage helps to tone your body, especially around your tummy and thighs.

The kneading, rubbing, and pressing of postnatal massage helps you to reduce water retention, as well as burn body fat faster by improving blood circulation.

Soothe Post Delivery Swellings

Your body is likely to swell after going through labour. Postnatal massage helps to relax the sore and tensed muscle on your tummy, lower back, hip area, and other parts of your body.

Moreover, postnatal massage also helps mothers to release stiff muscles caused by incorrect breastfeeding position.

Speed Up Womb Recovery

Your womb needs extra care and attention to heal from the rigours of pregnancy and labour.

Postnatal massage includes a massage on the abdomen area to encourage lochia discharge, and to help with the positioning of the pelvic muscle and abdominal organs back into place.

Ease Breastfeeding

Breast engorgement and clogged ducts are common issues faced by almost all breastfeeding moms.

Postnatal massage includes a breast massage that helps you improve blood circulation, relieve engorgement and blocked ducts, and encourage smoother milk flow.

Reduce Stress & Improve Sleep QualityBetter Sleep After Massage - PNSG

Your mental health after childbirth is just as important as your physical health. After your baby is born, you are likely to experience a drop in sleep length and sleep quality. Postnatal massage is great in helping you to de-stress, relax, and sleep better.

When Can You Start Postnatal Massage?

So how long after giving birth can you get a massage? This depends on whether you give birth naturally or through caesarean delivery.

For natural birth, you can start your postnatal massage after 5 days from your delivery date. Meanwhile for caesarean delivery, you may start getting postnatal massage after 21 days from labour.

That said, every mom’s body is different. If you feel uncertain about whether you’re ready for postnatal massage, you may seek advice from medical professionals before you start.

How Frequent Can I Get Postnatal Massage?

The frequency of the postnatal massage you get can influence your end result. In order to best reap the benefits of postnatal massage, you are recommended to get your massage done consecutively.

Before commencing your massage, you may plan your daily schedule in advance to avoid your sessions being interrupted.

How Many Sessions Of Postnatal Massage Should I Get?

There are no fixed rules on how many sessions of postnatal massage a mother should take, and you can decide on the number of sessions that works best for you.

As a rule of thumb, the more sessions you get, the more significant your results will be. At PNSG, you can choose between seven sessions or ten sessions based on your personal preference and availability.

The Takeaway

A positive postpartum experience is beneficial for your long-term physical and mental health.

Incorporating some form of massage post natal therapy in your post-delivery care is a great way to help you recover properly.

Ready to see and feel the difference for yourself? Well, no need to keep Googling “massage mom” or “post delivery body massage near me” and head on over to our homepage to book your postnatal massage with us today!

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Postnatal Massage Recovery Postnatal Massage Recovery

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