What Is A Postnatal Massage And How Does It Benefit You?

What Is A Postnatal Massage And How Does It Benefit You - PNSG

After giving birth, the pain, tenderness, soreness, and stress do not magically go away. Something has to be done about it. This is where postnatal massages come in.

What is a postnatal massage?

Simply put, a post pregnancy massage is a massage that you’d get after pregnancy. This massage is meant to give both mental and physical relief to mothers who have just given birth, among other things.

There are many different kinds of postnatal massages a mother can receive and here are some of them:

Types of postnatal massages

Jamu postnatal massage

Jamu postnatal massage originated in Southeast Asia and got its name from “jamu”, which is a herbal concoction used during the massage. This concoction consists of all-natural ingredients which have special healing properties that are perfect for mothers who have just given birth. The massage also includes head massages and breast massages used to relieve headaches and improve lactation respectively. The massage also features a Jamu wrap where the mother’s stomach is bound with cloth from the ribs to the hips to tone the abdominal skin and to realign the spine.

Swedish massage

Swedish massages are great for mothers who have just given birth. This type of massage includes long stroking and kneading which tones the muscles and reduces strain. The stimulating strokes which make up this postnatal massage also improves blood circulation and muscle contraction which helps to remove toxins from the body.

TCM postnatal massage

The TCM massage stands for Traditional Chinese Medicine massage. In this post pregnancy massage, acupoints techniques and herbs are combined to promote blood flow and relieve muscle tension. The massage features a herbal bath, massage, belly banding, and dietary advice. The uterus is also repositioned, along with the spine.

Ayurvedic postnatal massage

This ancient Indian technique combines yoga, dieting, lifestyle choices, and massage therapy. This full body massage involves the wrapping of the belly and helps to keep skin hydrated and stimulates blood circulation which leads to cell regeneration, pain relief, and tension relief.

What are some postnatal massage benefits?

Along with physical benefits such as pain relief, muscle relaxations, joint relief, and the flushing out of toxins, there are several other ways in which postnatal massage benefits you. These include:

  • A faster recovery from cesarean delivery – When the body has a cut or a wound, blood clots will form to prevent further blood loss. When this happens, the other blood vessels deliver nutrients and oxygen which promotes healing. Getting a postnatal massage after cesarean will speed up your recovery time because these types of massages increase blood circulation, and the more nutrients and oxygen that are delivered to the wound, the faster it will heal.
  • Improved mental health – It is no surprise that giving birth has a mental toll. After all, pregnancy causes hormone imbalance and an increase in the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol. These massages help new mothers to relax and unwind, reducing cortisol levels and promoting good mental health.
  • Increased milk production – Most postnatal massages include a breast massage. This releases oxytocin which helps the mother to relax, opening up and unclogging her ducts, thereby increasing the flow and production of milk.

These are just some ways in which a postnatal massage benefits a new mother.
Take your pick and book one now to indulge in a relaxing session to recuperate from the strain of childbirth.

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