Benefits Of A Jamu Postnatal Massage In Singapore

Benefits Of A Jamu Postnatal Massage In SingaporeDuring your pregnancy, body aches are your most loyal companies. They are present when you are walking around a place, sitting on the couch in front of the tv, and even when you are lying down in bed. You have to endure the muscle tension, joint pains, cramps, and morning sickness (which is apparently unable to stick to its name and instead can occur at any time of the day). Often, you would be advised to keep a regular check of what you are eating since you are supposedly doing it ‘for two’. You have to stay away from certain foods and drinks. With all the ‘rules’ you have to abide by during pregnancy, it is no wonder that many to-be mothers wish their delivery date would arrive sooner the more they are nearing it.

However, your work does not stop when your pregnancy does. There is more to come for you to regain your energy and better health, but the good thing about it is that you can do it at your own pace. First, you have to maintain a proper postpartum diet that comprises nutrient-dense foods. Your diet plays the most important role in determining how your body change would go. Before starting to exercise, make sure you already have the energy to. Start small. Try walking more each day and gradually increase both the distance and pace over time. What do you do in the meantime, when your body still has not reattained enough strength?

Despite being the constantly overlooked option, a good massage can really save the day. The jamu postnatal massage, in particular, carries an array of benefits for mothers who are going through the post-birth phase.

1. Lets Out ‘Wind’ from the Body

If you notice, a lot of confinement practices’ purposes revolve around making sure the wind is dispelled or prevented from entering your body. What exactly is this ‘wind’? It is basically a chill you catch from coldness that is believed to have an impact on your body constitution. You may feel weaker and this can lead to other diseases like fever. Even up to this day, expelling wind from the body is a particularly relevant objective new mothers and confinement practitioners would strive to achieve.

Hence, postnatal massage therapists would apply suitable Jamu oil on the mothers’ body. The exact type of oil used typically differs from one masseuse to another, but one of the common ones is the grapeseed oil. Grapeseed oil can help your skin ‘bounce back’ and improve its elasticity even further. Aside from its extensive benefits on the skin, this oil is favoured by many massage therapists due to its light consistency and high absorbency.

2. Gets Rid of Breast Engorgement

During the postpartum period, most mothers have a bad experience when breastfeeding their newborns due to engorgement. Postnatal massages generally include breast massage to tackle this issue. This aspect of the massage is crucial for mothers who desire to breastfeed their newborns. Through the massage, your milk ducts can be cleared, alleviating the pain and promoting a better flow of breast milk.

3. Treats Womb Back to its Pre-Pregnancy State

Special techniques are crafted for the massage therapist to put the womb back to where it was, into its initial place and to its actual size. This will not only help you to get into a better shape, but also enhance your fertility.

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4. Tightens the Abdominal Area

Jamu massage is widely known for being a slimming massage as it helps to effectively reduce water retention. During pregnancy, the tummy area will naturally start to stretch out and expand. As a result, you may end up with a flabby tummy after childbirth. A certified postnatal massage therapist would be taught the proper method to massage your abdomen to increase weight loss and burn more fat.

A binder, widely known as bengkung in Malay culture, will also be wrapped on your body at the end of the massage to help encourage the massage’s effectiveness. Swaddling your body around the hips area up to the rib cage, this binding technique will help to straighten your posture and tone your body up.

Getting continuous treatment around your abdominal area also helps to tighten the muscles. Subsequently, this will aid digestion as it pushes the intestine to work better.

5. Gives You a Better Night’s Sleep

Once your house celebrates the arrival of your newborn, a similar experience faced by a lot of new mothers will most likely be waking up several times at night from your baby’s cries. This is where the popular Jamu slimming massage is famed for its ability to help new mothers get proper rest at night. A lot of mothers tend to put it upon themselves to handle everything regarding their baby. If you are like this too, know that it can take a toll on both your mental and physical conditions. After all, it is never an easy task to take care of your baby right after you have given birth. This massage allows you to feel more relaxed and lets you have better quality sleeps.

To mothers in Singapore who have just joined the maternity club, getting a massage is a brilliant choice to create a smoother postpartum journey. As listed above, the benefits are aplenty! To get the most you can out of the massage, you should attend at least 8 to 11 sessions (as recommended by professionals) so as to see visible results on your body. View our Jamu massage package to embark on your smooth postnatal recovery journey the right way!

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