Benefits Of A Jamu Postnatal Massage In Singapore

Benefits Of A Jamu Postnatal Massage In Singapore - PNSG

Body pains are your most devoted companions during pregnancy. They are present when you are strolling about a room, sitting on the couch in front of the television, and even when you are sleeping.
You must put up with muscle strain, joint problems, cramping, and morning sickness (which is apparently unable to stick to its name and instead can occur at any time of the day).

You’d be wise to keep a close eye on what you’re eating because you’re apparently doing it ‘for two.’ Certain foods and beverages must be avoided.

With all of the ‘rules’ you have to follow during pregnancy, it’s no surprise that many expecting women wish their due date would arrive sooner as they get closer.

Your work, however, does not end with your pregnancy. There will be more for you to do to restore your energy and improve your health, but the good news is that you can do it at your own pace.

To begin, you must maintain a proper postpartum diet rich in nutrient-dense foods. Your food is the most essential factor in determining how your body will alter.

Before you begin exercising, make sure you have the energy to do it. Begin small. Try walking more every day, gradually increasing both the distance and the pace over time.

What do you do in the meanwhile, when your body has yet to regain sufficient strength?

Despite the fact that it is sometimes disregarded, a good massage can truly save the day. The postnatal jamu massage, in particular, has a slew of advantages for moms in the postpartum period.

What is Jamu Massage?

Jamu was named after a combination of the words “Jampi” and “Oesodo”. Jampi is a type of traditional treatment or healing solution that includes prayer or a magic spell, whereas Oesodo is a word that means health. Do not be alarmed; the entire process and application of jamu has nothing to do with casting any spell to increase the healing effects! In reality, jamu is simply a traditional herbal medicine made from a specific plant or plants combined to create a concoction or topical remedy.

While jamu does not refer to a specific massage technique in the context of our topic, it does include the use of jamu oils and ointments. The actual jamu used in this slimming postnatal massage are the tools used during the massage, specifically the oils, cream, and ointments that will be applied to certain areas of your body after the massage.

A slimming jamu massage package would usually include jamu products. Massage oils such as grapeseed oil, lemongrass, lemon, and ginger lotion, pilis, and tapel are examples of popular products. The oil will be used throughout the massage session, and the lotion will be used continuously after the massage to keep you warm and promote skin rejuvenation. Pilis is the herbal mixture that will be applied to the forehead during the binding session, while tapel will be applied to the tummy. Both aid in the expulsion of wind, and binding, in particular, can improve slimming results.

1. Lets Out ‘Wind’ from the Body

You might have noticed that a lot of confinement procedures are designed to ensure that wind is dissipated or stopped from entering your body.

What is this ‘wind,’ exactly? It is essentially a chill caused by coolness that is thought to have an effect on your body’s constitution. You may feel weaker, which might lead to other ailments such as fever.

Even today, eliminating wind from the body is a well recognised practice and practically an essential goal for new moms and confinement practitioners to strive for.

As a result, postnatal massage therapists would apply appropriate Jamu oil to the mummies’ bodies. The particular type of oil used varies from one masseuse to the next, but grapeseed oil is a rather popular one.

Grapeseed oil can assist your skin in ‘bouncing back’ and improving its elasticity even further. Aside from its numerous skin advantages, this oil is preferred by many massage therapists due to its light consistency and great absorption.

2. Gets Rid of Breast Engorgement

Because of engorgement, most moms have a difficult time breastfeeding their newborns during the postpartum period. Breast massage is commonly included in postnatal massages to address this condition.

This component of the massage is critical for mothers who want to nurse their babies. The massage can unblock your milk ducts, relieving pain and facilitating a healthier flow of breast milk.

3. Treats Womb Back to its Pre-Pregnancy State

Special techniques are developed for the massage therapist to restore the womb to its original position and size.

This will not only help you become in better shape, but it will also improve your fertility.

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4. Tightens the Abdominal Area

Jamu massage is well-known as a slimming massage because it successfully reduces water retention. The belly area will naturally stretch out and expand during pregnancy.

As a result, you may develop a flabby belly following childbirth. A professional postnatal massage therapist will teach you how to massage your belly in order to accelerate weight loss and burn more fat.

At the end of the massage, a binder, known as “Bengkung” in Malay tradition, will be placed around your body to aid the massage’s efficiency. This binding technique will help to straighten your posture and tone your body by swaddling your body around the hips area up to the rib cage.

Consistent treatment in the abdomen area also aids in muscle tightening. As a result, this will help digestion by encouraging the colon to work more efficiently.

5. Gives You a Better Night’s Sleep

When your house celebrates the arrival of your newborn, a common experience shared by many new mothers will be waking up numerous times during the night due to your baby’s cries.

This is where the well-known Jamu slimming massage is popular with new moms to help them obtain a good night’s sleep.

Many women believe it is their responsibility to handle everything pertaining to their child. If this describes you, be aware that it can have a negative impact on both your mental and physical health.

After all, caring for your infant immediately after birth is never an easy chore. This massage makes you feel more relaxed and allows you to sleep better.

Getting a Jamu massage is an excellent decision for mothers in Singapore who have recently joined the maternity club in order to make an easier postpartum journey. In fact, some of you may already be Googling “Jamu Post Natal Massage Singapore”!

Don’t worry, you are not alone. With all the benefits that we’ve mentioned, we’d be surprised if you didn’t start looking it up yourself. Do take note, however, that in order to get the most out of your massages, you should schedule at least 8 to 11 sessions (as recommended by specialists) to notice obvious changes on your body.

Browse through our numerous massage package selections to embark on your very own smooth postnatal recovery journey the right way!

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