Is Postpartum Womb Massage Necessary? Here’s What to Know.

womb massage

If you have done a fair amount of research, you may have come across the term placenta delivery. Yes, after your baby, you would proceed to ‘give birth’ to the placenta. If you give birth vaginally, the doctor may require you to keep pushing after your baby is out – for the placenta delivery. From the moment you start to feel contraction up until this stage, it seems like the straining never stops – and you are not completely wrong.

Since you are required to strain your body a lot before, during, and after giving birth to your baby, one of the conditions you may face after it all ends is the dropping womb, or the scientific term; uterine prolapse. This could happen due to various reasons and while even the most severe condition can normally be prevented, that often is easier said than done.

You may have also heard of the haemorrhage, the heavy blood loss within the first 24 hours after delivery which can lead to other complications. Still, you should not be alarmed as soon as you see blood. It could just be a normal element of your lochia discharge which can last for a few days.

No matter what you experience after birth, they can be prevented and more importantly, healed. And that is what we are here to talk about today! As a part of our postnatal massage, we included the womb massage (also known as uterine massage), followed by belly binding after the whole massage process is done. 


What can womb massage do for you? The main two things it does is exactly what was stated in up there. It can help with the dropping womb and also haemorrhage respectively. This massage can aid your womb in its natural cleansing process to eliminate blood and other forms of discharge (i.e. lochia) post delivery. Lastly, it can help your womb to restore its pre-pregnancy state as this massage stimulates your womb to contract.


Does womb massage hurt? It should not, but the more accurate answer is it depends. Some mothers with low pain tolerance may be more sensitive compared to others, so getting a womb massage right after they give birth can be a bit uncomfortable. If you are used to getting a massage regularly before, you would be familiar with the sensation.

What is the procedure after womb massage? After your full-body massage which involves the womb massage is done, your belly will be wrapped with a binder, or better known as bengkung. Belly binding is the art of wrapping a new mom’s belly for physical support and to help hasten the recovery process after childbirth.

This belly binding technique uses a long strip of cloth to wrap around the abdomen from the hips to the ribcage.  New mothers are traditionally wrapped as soon after birth as possible, ideally starting from day five onwards. You would have to wear it for around 6 to 8 hours per day, but depending on how comfortable you feel, you can have it on for a shorter or longer time. If you are conscious about your expanding hips from the pregnancy, putting on this binder can help give you your figure back.

All in all, womb massage can do a lot for you. That is why a lot of GP and doctors recommend it as a part of the routine alternative therapy. So, going back to the question in the title; is postpartum womb massage necessary? It may or may not be, but if you do end up getting it, you will realise that the benefits are aplenty. As a matter of fact, depending on your condition, getting a womb massage after giving birth may be necessary. Regardless, if you are still wary, do consult your doctor about it. You can also talk to us at PNSG to find out more about womb massage and how we can treat you!

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