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Mothers are superheroes. Your strong body can handle months of pregnancy that are often accompanied by a set of discomforts that you are not familiar with. Your body then endures through hours of labour and is immediately able to fend and provide food for another human being who is now almost fully dependent on it. There is no power like that of a mother’s body. However, like many superheroes, behind those suits and masks, you are still a human. There may be a point where certain things are pushing you a bit too hard beyond what you are capable to deal with.

The truth is, it is not just one thing that is pushing your limits. They are, more often than not, an accumulation of several issues like lingering body aches from the pregnancy or also irritability due to hormonal imbalance. Unfortunately, even the results of the latter can show both inside and out. You may experience bloating, hair loss, mood swings, and even trouble concentrating. You might also overexert yourself or bring both physical and emotional fatigue upon your body. 

People may tell you that these are normal, but that does not mean that is how it should be. At the end of the day, not everything that is supposedly ‘normal’ is normal for everyone. For instance, if one mother can take her engorgement like a champ and requires no treatment for the soreness to go away, good for her. But know that this is certainly not how it goes for all mothers. Not to mention, there is also a possibility that the aforementioned mother’s engorgement is not as severe as many other mothers’, thus not needing any help with it. 

On that note, it is highly encouraged that you go get treatment for any bodily discomforts you are facing. If you are like many moms, you may at some point consider getting a massage. To that, we say, good thinking! Getting a body massage is certainly effective in treating the body and mind holistically, but what kind of massage? Here are the top three massages you could go for after giving birth!    

Postnatal Body Massage

This type of massage will be performed by a qualified massage therapist who will skillfully give you a full body massage that targets various ‘new mom’ concerns like water weight and body aches. It can significantly reduce the aches and pains that your body will have after such an ordeal. It normally involves gentle strokes, rubbing, and kneading techniques that target strained muscles to ensure improved blood flow.  

A postnatal body massage is suitable for different deliveries, be it vaginal or c-section. It will also help the cesarean scars to heal well and the appearance of stretch marks will also be minimal. If you have concerns, you can consult your doctor for the best time to get the massage. 

The number of women who get depressed after giving birth continues to increase, so it is crucial to keep your emotional state in check. This massage will do wonders in reducing your stress level. You can almost immediately feel rejuvenated as well. At the same time, it helps to alleviate your anxiety and improve your sleep quality. You may find yourself falling asleep during the massage process itself. 

Your mind is also positively affected so you are able to treat your baby better without feeling overwhelmed. In terms of physical improvement, this massage can help to speed up your womb recovery and slim you down. Your belly will normally be wrapped with a binder afterwards and this is meant to help fix your posture and shape your figure, so you can definitely expect to see slimming results from this treatment.

One particular advantage we know you would love is the fact that this postnatal body massage can also directly benefit your baby! It helps in stimulating the circulation of your breast milk and this is extremely important because the lack of it can be frustrating for both your baby and you. Your breast may be engorged as well, so your chest area will be skillfully massaged to relieve the engorgement and clear your milk ducts for better milk flow. 

The best thing about this massage is that it can increase your feel-good hormones so you would be beyond relaxed by the time your postnatal massage session ends. Your baby depends on you so you should be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy to be able to care for them. 

Slimming Massage

Despite the joy that a baby brings into any woman’s life, your body can take a hit with all the stretching and exertion put on it. You may start wishing for your body to look the way it did before. That is where Jamu massage slimming can help.

The massage therapist will skillfully knead and roll the fats and fluids into the right places. You will start to notice that the swelling goes down and your beautiful figure will begin to retake form. With all the kneading done to your body, your blood flow will be stimulated. Slimming massage specifically targets the fat and areas with excess weight. If you have cellulite, they may work to get rid of that too. The massage therapist will work to stimulate blood and lymphatic circulation in your body.

With all of the above said, do not expect this to be your typical relaxing massage. While massage can generally lower stress levels, you may find that you will only be able to relax once it is done. You might be kept wide awake throughout the whole process due to the stronger-than-average pressure applied. 

Hence, even if you have low pain tolerance, give yourself a longer break before going for a slimming massage, particularly one that targets cellulite. Wait for about 3 to 5 weeks before indulging in one or longer if feel that you require more time to rest. After all, you should focus on resting and relaxing well for the first few weeks after delivery. If achieving the slimming effects is indeed your main goal, this massage may be the right one for you.         

Womb Massage

You may feel a little bit confused now since both of the previously stated massages are already supposed to cover the stomach area, and rightfully so. Womb massage IS included in the two massages previously mentioned, but an individual one is able to treat your concerns regarding your abdomen area with a more in-depth procedure. After all, among many mothers’ the main worry is the condition of the womb after delivery itself. 

There are quite a few versions of womb massage along with several names it goes by. For other people, this is simply a stomach or abdominal massage. However, if we narrow it down to the kind of stomach massage specifically given to mothers who have recently given birth, there will be a clear distinction between the two. Hence, the term womb massage would be more fitting. 

Womb massage can generally help in relieving menstrual pain, improving certain organ functions, encouraging relaxation, and releasing emotional as well as physical tension. For a new mom, womb massage can do that, and a bit more. 

The womb massage typically involves massaging your lower abdomen and stimulating your uterus through repetitive stroking or kneading to reposition your pelvic and abdominal organs. This, in turn, can restrict the flow of blood and reduce haemorrhage (the heavy discharge of blood due to the damaged vessel within the first 24 hours after delivery). 

If you have overexerted yourself during, before, and after delivery, the position of your womb can be affected to a certain extent. The stimulation of this massage can cause your womb to contract and revert to how it used to be which can significantly improve your fertility, general health, and well-being.

The Benefits Of Postpartum Massages

Balancing your Hormones

When pregnant, the body’s estrogen and progesterone levels are generally high, so after giving birth, the body’s hormone levels might be unbalanced.

Getting a postnatal massage after Cesarean or natural childbirth can help you relieve some of the stress and anxiety of having a newborn. The aim is to increase your oxytocin hormones and reduce cortisol levels.

You will feel relaxed, calmer and happier. The baby is sensitive and will pick up on your mood. So, if you are happy the baby is likely to follow suit.

Reduce the Body Swelling

When pregnant, the water retention in the body increases to about 50%, which may make a woman’s body look bloated.

Getting a massage will help the fluids to shift to the right places and eventually help her in getting her figure back.

The tissues of the body are massaged, and consistent massages, make them go back to their previous state before the pregnancy.

Keep Depression at Bay

Depression among women who have just given birth is a common occurrence. This condition, known as postpartum depression, can have symptoms that vary for each mother, from a mum not refusing to see or hold her baby, to refusing to care for it at all.

It is caused by various reasons among them being hormonal changes, not being able to adjust to their new lives or even the heavy responsibility that they have just gotten by having a baby.

Having a skilled massage therapist can help a woman in such a state to relax and relieve the stress and anxiety that they may be feeling.

Sleep Well

You can imagine that having to carry another human being in your body for nine months can’t be very easy. Your whole body gets stretched to accommodate the baby, but this is very straining.

Most of the time the mothers don’t get to sleep because of taking care of the newborn. Sleep deprivation can make someone tired and agitated.

It can get nasty for some mothers to the extent of sleepwalking, which may prove to be dangerous for them and the newborn.

Getting a massage will help you to decompress. You will relax, and the result will be getting better sleep.

Help in Breastfeeding

There are times when there isn’t enough breast milk produced for the baby. It is important because breast milk is the recommended food for the baby in the first few months if possible.

This can be quite frustrating for both the mother and the baby. Having a massage can help the chest muscles to open up and assist in the production and circulation of breast milk.

As hectic as your postnatal life may be, do not put yourself behind everyone else – even your newborn. Set aside some time for yourself to rest, relax, and recuperate. Include postnatal massage therapy as a part of your recovery after giving birth and you will be amazed by how refreshed it will make you feel! 

Reasons Why A New Mother Should Get A Postnatal Massage

Speeds up the recovery process

While most mothers prefer to deliver vaginally, there are some circumstances which will call for a C-section. After giving birth through this method, the place where the incision was made along with your whole body will need some time to recover.

By getting a postnatal massage after a cesarean in Singapore, you will benefit from increased blood circulation and supply which, in turn, will speed up the healing process.

Relieves pain after childbirth

Labour can be long and physically draining. Traditional Javanese post natal massages in Singapore are designed to help relieve this pain by using a series of oils, hot stones, herbs, and wraps.

This combination causes the body to release a special hormone called endorphins which naturally soothe pain in the body. So say goodbye to those sore shoulders, back, neck and other spots affected by pregnancy and labour.

Aids in healing the body

With pregnancy comes discomfort, swelling, pain, tenderness, and others. Your body also retains fluid, causing swellings on your stomach, arms, and legs.

By getting a massage, your body will begin to relax and as a result, your blood flow will circulate better. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and waste from your tissues. In time, your body will begin to feel and look much better!

Improves your mental health

Not only are pregnancy and labour physically taxing, but you may also carry a heavy mental burden along with it or afterwards.

A lot of new mothers come out of pregnancy with side effects like depression, anxiety, and overwhelming stress as a result of the hormones released in their bodies during that period.

A postnatal massage will boost the release of happy chemicals, making you feel relaxed and comforted. The environment in which the massage takes place should also be calming and soothing so your mind can be at ease.

Enhances your physical appearance

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. Your pelvis expands, organs shift, ligaments stretch, your stomach grows in size, and so on.

Postnatal massage therapists can detect these changes and help treat your body back into a pre-pregnancy state.

For certain postnatal massages, a binder or belly wrap will be used to maintain a good posture and help shape your figure. Your body will be wrapped with the binder from the pelvic area up to your abdomen.

Among the benefits of this new mother, massage practice includes realigning the pelvis, reducing belly size, improving your posture, and helping to reduce water retention and eliminate toxins.

When is the Best Time to Start a Postnatal Massage?

In the case of normal delivery and depending on the advice of your doctor, you may start with the body massage immediately.

However, if you have undergone a C-section, then wait for at least 21 days before you commence with the massage.

During this waiting period, your body will heal the scars naturally and there won’t be any risk of stretching the skin around your belly.

After about a month, you should undergo a scar tissue massage that helps to avoid adhesion of the scar tissue in other organs. This type of massage can also prevent bowel and uterine problems.

When Should Post-Delivery Body Massage Be Avoided?

Like any other massage, there are some precautions that a new mother should take with the postnatal body massage. These precautions are:

  • If you suffer from any previous skin diseases like eczema or skin rashes, avoid body massages as they will only elevate the problem further. Make sure you tell your masseuse about any skin sensitivity or problem beforehand.
  • When using any oils on the body for massage, avoid areas around the nipple, especially if you are breastfeeding. You don’t want your baby to ingest the oil now!
  • Do not use any products using parabens as they disrupt the function of hormones. It is also heard that paraben causes skin cancers.
  • Do not forget to mention to your masseuse about conditions like blood pressure or a hernia. This is to ensure that these pressure points are avoided.
  • Some women undergo pre-term contractions, if you are one of them, avoid the massage for some time, or if you have already started with the massage, be careful.
  • If you had issues like pregnancy-induced hypertension, seek proper treatment and advice before planning a massage.
  • Complications like sudden headaches and persistent pains also require immediate medical attention.

As hectic as your postnatal life may be, do not put yourself behind everyone else – even your newborn. Set aside some time for yourself to rest, relax, and recuperate. Include postnatal massage therapy as a part of your recovery after giving birth and you will be amazed by how refreshed it will make you feel! 

Arrange a suitable schedule with the massage therapist of your choice, be it in your home or at a massage parlour, so that they can help reduce your body aches and swelling, and speed up the process of healing.

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