How Massage Helps Mothers Lose Their Baby Weight – As Shared by Real Moms

How Massage Helps Mothers Lose Their Baby Weight – As Shared by Real Moms
How Massage Helps Mothers Lose Their Baby Weight – As Shared by Real Moms

Another month, another chance to share real experiences and reviews on our massage from real moms! As we’ve been talking about weight loss after birth a lot these past few weeks, you might be intrigued to see how or whether there are moms who achieve their weight loss goals with PNSG. As a matter of fact, yes there are!

Does massage really help with postpartum weight loss? How?

It does, but only if you opt for the right massage! If you particularly want to lose weight through massage, then it is important to know what kind of massage you are getting and what other treatment is also included in the sessions, if any. A postpartum self massage could help, but you might want to leave it to the professionals who would know just the way to tackle all your concerns and worries!

At PNSG, weight loss, fat burning, and reduced waistline are all proven results that our clients manage to achieve from their sessions with us. 

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How do we do this? Here’s a brief introduction to our Premium Massage:

Our Premium Postnatal Massage quickly becomes the mothers’ absolute favourite, very much deservingly so! It is the all-in-one authentic Javanese recovery and slimming therapy that helps you get effective postnatal healing and visible postnatal weight loss.

With 10 sessions of rejuvenating sessions in total, it begins with 5 sessions Postnatal Massage and followed by 5 Sessions of Slimming & Relaxation Massage.

We’ve included a simple breakdown of the steps in each session HERE.

Apart from relieving swelings due to water retention and helping you to effectively slim down, our postpartum belly massage as part of the whole massage also helps to speed up your womb recovery. It still includes a breast massage that improves lactation and ensures smooth breast milk flow, as well as promoting milk production altogether. All that goodness for yourself and your little one!

On top of that, this massage also includes a full body scrub that exfoliates your dead skin cells, giving you a brightened radiance and smooth skin complexion. With the usual relaxing benefits you can get from massages, you can also to have a better night’s sleep after this!

Belly Massage
Belly Massage

Disclaimer: Image for illustration purpose only. However, all reviews are genuine from our real clients, as posted by them on our Facebook.

Weight Loss & Body Transformation Reviews With PNSG

I enjoyed my 10 sessions with Michelle Thilaka and could clearly see my tummy flatten. After a few sessions, I could fit into my shorts and pants that I previously could not. Michelle has good technics, is very friendly and client centric. Would highly recommend her.- Claressa Wong 
Had a 10 session package with Mdm Mega, who was very friendly and very good with her work. The massages were a much needed relief from the daily aches and pains, and the binding was done very neatly and properly. It was also super effective because I lost a lot of weight very quickly. Thanks Mdm Mega and PNSG!- Kristy Teo
Highly recommend therapist Saleha! She is very professional and skillful. I felt very relaxed after every session and have also been able to lose weight from the water retention and wind in my body. I also really appreciate her advise on various ailments related to pregnancy, child birth and breast feeding. It has been a very enjoyable 10 days.- Sharan Kour
Completed 9 sessions with my masseuse, Siska. She is very skillful and her massages helped me with my water retention,  breast milk flow and getting back in shape. After each session, I was relaxed and rejuvenated. Thanks Siska and would highly recommend her!- Lydia Loke
Signed up via PEM confinement package, Ally was my masseur. I had a great experience with her, she is always punctual, and very skilled in massage. I had very swollen feet post birth (possibly from hours of IV drip) , she massaged my legs and got rid of my water retention in just one session.She also helped with my blocked milk ducts and gave me some tips on how to handle them. She is a woman of few words but when she does speak, they are often great advice. Highly recommended! Thanks Ally!- Joyce Lim
My wife had an enjoyable post natal massage sessions with PNSG after delivery. Therapist, Brenda has been very friendly, punctual and skilled in her massage tecniques. My wife lose 8kg after the massage and could fit into her old pair of shorts pre pregnancy. Thank you PNSG for the good service rendered and highly recommend therapist, Brenda ! – Lee LC

If you have given birth a long time ago, our Slimming & Relaxation massage is still suitable and can be effective for you. In fact, it is recommended for adult women at any stage. So don’t wait up and secure your slot today!

When you’re ready to be the next mom to achieve a natural weight loss journey through our postnatal jamu massage, you know where to find us! We are available at +65 6417 9690, every day from 9 AM to 6 PM.