4 Popular Postnatal Trends That You Don’t Know

4 Popular Postnatal Trends That You Don’t Know - PNSG

In the past, when babies were born, people would walk miles to see the newborn and bless the baby and his/her family.

They would help the mother perform some of her duties until she has recovered from childbirth or come bearing gifts. However, times have changed.

These days, postnatal trends have evolved to include expensive and more elaborate gift ideas, but some can still take the form of sweet gestures like a well-thought gift for the new mother.

Some traditions have even returned and are pretty common among this generation of mothers.


Have you ever heard of a post-pregnancy massage? As a soon-to-be or a new mother, you should be looking into ways to relieve your body and mind from the traumatic experience that is childbirth.

Jamu postnatal massages in Singapore have been around forever and have become increasingly popular in recent years.

It is considered one of the best post-natal massages a new mother can have and includes ancient techniques such as using hot stones, herbs, and oils to stimulate, rejuvenate and soothe your body.

This is done at special spas, and you can even request to have your post-natal massage at home.


For those of you who don’t know, push presents are gifts given to the new mother by the baby’s father to reward her for giving him such a priceless gift, a baby.

These gifts are usually costly, but even those presents that are not as expensive can have the most meaning.

This can include a car, a new home, jewellery, designer bags, getaways, spa days and so on.

The present is usually given after birth, but some mothers have received their gifts at conception, during their pregnancy or even in the delivery room.


As bizarre or extreme as it may sound, eating placentas have gained increasing popularity over the years from celebrities to everyday people.

The placenta, or ‘afterbirth’, forms in your womb even before your baby’s organs and functions as the passageway through which oxygen, nutrients, and hormones are passed from you to your baby. It also carries your baby’s waste out.

Generally, at the time of birth, it weighs about one pound and is expelled after your baby is born or removed by the doctor during your C-Section.

Mothers can choose to eat the placenta there in the delivery room (raw), dry it and have it made into pills, stir-fry it, make it into a smoothie or incorporate it into their favourite dishes.


The umbilical cord is a flexible cord that connects the baby’s stomach to the placenta in the mother’s womb.

When it is cut, what is left is the ‘belly button’. After giving birth, a little stump will still be attached which will fall off on its own in a week or two.

Some mothers take the stump and bury it in their backyard and may even plant a tree above it which will grow with the child and “tie” the child to the home.

Others hold a cord-burning ceremony directly after birth when most of the cord is still attached to the baby or wait until the stump falls off and burn it for symbolic purposes.


Every birth is a call for celebration. Popularly known as ‘sip and sees’ or simply post-birth baby showers, after-birth parties are a great way for your family and friends to meet your newborn and celebrate a successful delivery.

People can carry gifts of clothes, toys, car seats, rockers, and so on to help make your parenting easier and may offer to babysit to allow the new parents to rest.

Let’s look at some benefits of a postnatal massage below.


This is exactly what new mothers crave; the chance to relax their fatigued bodies. When relaxed, the body reduces the stress hormones, providing inner peace and calm. For most mothers, giving birth leads to exhaustion and this is where postnatal massage helps them relax and let go of the stress.

Pain Reduction & Management

Body aches and pains are quite common after giving birth. Add to that the responsibility of carrying your little one can cause further muscle discomforts. A massage can help the muscles to relax and provide relief from the pain.

Minimises Swellin

Swelling occurs due to the presence of body fluids that gather around the legs and arm. When these parts of the body are massaged, the fluids are moved and drained out naturally, since the levels of hormones are also regulated through the massage.

Increases the Flow of Blood

This, in turn, will carry more oxygen to the different parts of the body, and the toxins will be removed because of this. Massage will also release endorphins that act as a natural painkiller.

Release of Oxytocin

When the body is massaged, it will release oxytocin that in turn will regulate the production of milk in the breasts, which is essential for breastfeeding.

Encourages Healing After C-Section Delivery

Body massage will speed up the recovery process for mothers that have given birth through a C-section. Only a gentle massage is encouraged near the wound, so it won’t cause any harm to the stitched wound. This gentle massage can help to increase the supply of blood, improving the healing process drastically.

Increases The Well-being And Immunity

Finally, the best part is, you will get to spend some time off for yourself. This strength is much needed for the new mother as they have a little one to take care of too.

Did you know that postnatal massage is one of the oldest practices around the world? The benefits of a postnatal massage are something every mother should have.

Closing Words

Though some of these may sound rather crazy, these trends are the rage right now among mothers. Join the bandwagon and who knows, you might actually enjoy yourselves…especially that one about the postpartum spa treatments and after-birth massage pampering; those sound absolutely lovely!

Now, if you are thinking the same and are reaching for your phone to Google “Post natal massage near me”, let us save you the trouble and say that we at PNSG specialise in that very spa-like in-house pampering. Simply swing by our homepage to browse our post natal massage packages to learn about the benefits or ring us up today at +65 6417 9690.

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