Slimming & Relaxation Massage: Everything You Need to Know

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Have you been working long hours daily and not getting enough exercise? Are you starting to feel a bit of a muffin top forming? Whether you’re just out of confinement or you’ve been to several PTA meetings before, the stress and weight gain are just too real.

These days, there are massages out there that claim to be able to slim you down and help you relax. However, in the back of your mind, you’re thinking – “Surely not…can it be true? Will it help me slim down? We all know about the relaxation part for a long time now, but this slimming part, can it really be?”

Let us get a full run down and go through our own Slimming & Relaxation Massage. In our article today, we will go through the benefits that our massage can give you and why you should go for one.

What is a slimming massage?

Our Slimming & Relaxation Massage is a traditional, authentic Javanese massage therapy that helps you slim down, relax, and get radiant skin across all stages of motherhood.

What are the benefits?

While we may have started this article by implying that the slimming and relaxation massage can be suitable for those who have gotten out of confinement or even long-time mothers, we do also believe that any woman can benefit from our Slimming & Relaxation Massage.

Whether it be wanting to improve your skin’s natural radiance, slim and tone your body, or just simply wanting to relieve stress and relax, YOU can definitely benefit from all of them.

Let’s look into more detail as to what the exact benefits are.

Break Down Stubborn Fats Effectively

During pregnancy, your body acquires weight in order to store energy which will be used later during labour and lactation. This weight gain can lead to excess, stubborn fats remaining within your body for months, if not years, following childbirth. Our slimming massage uses highly specific application of ampules on common problem areas like the thighs, abdomen, arms, and hips to help you slim down quickly.

Brighten and Smoothen Skin

Our slimming massage includes a full body scrub that exfoliates dead skin cells from every part of your body and aids in the relief of postpartum water retention. Exfoliation can aid in the prevention of clogged pores and the absorption of massage oil and skin care products, resulting in more radiant and smooth skin. Long-term, constant exfoliation also aids in the development of collagen in your body, which is essential for healthy, bright skin.

Relieve Water Retention and Heavy, Tired Legs

Postpartum water retention occurs when the water weight gained during pregnancy remains in your body after childbirth, causing puffiness or swelling around your body, particularly on your legs, feet, and ankles. Our slimming massage involves a full-body mud wrap followed by a heated space blanket wrap to assist you in successfully getting rid of water retention.

Promote Calmness and Ease Muscle Tension

Slimming & Relaxation Massage_ Everything You Need to Know - PNSG

Juggling family, work responsibilities, and other social duties can result in sleep loss, stress, and muscle tightness. Our therapy involves relaxing full-body massages that concentrate on your chest, breasts, and head. During the relaxation massage, you can also select your favourite scent of oils.

What are some of the common concerns?

We normally do get a few frequently asked questions regarding our massage packages. The following are just a few of the most common ones that we’ve gotten and hope to address here.

When can I start the massage sessions?

We suggest that you begin the slimming and relaxing massage 2 months after your due date. This is due to the fact that slimming massage involves numerous pinching and kneading techniques that are not appropriate for mothers who have just given birth.

New mothers who choose our Premium Massage package, on the other hand, can begin the slimming and relaxation massage included in the package within two months of their child’s birth. This is due to the fact that the Premium Massage package begins with 5 sessions of postnatal massage, which helps to soften the body muscles prior to their slimming and relaxation massage.

How frequently should I get this slimming and relaxation massage?

In order to achieve the best body slimming and relaxation results, we recommend scheduling your slimming and relaxation massage sessions consecutively. This also helps you to keep a close eye on your progress.

Where will the massage sessions be carried out?

All of our services can be enjoyed right from the comfort of your own home. The costs listed for all massage packages are nett. It includes transportation and even attractive freebies!

What will I need to prepare for the massage sessions?

You only need to prepare two large and two small towels. We also urge that you eat something light at least one hour before the massage and take a shower before the session begins.

Closing words

There you have it, ladies. In the right hands, these slimming massage therapies do have some effect. We have to say that our PNSG massages aren’t merely a massage for slimming. It can help you relax and promote better sleep. On top of that, you can enjoy one of our massages right from the comfort of your own home. What are you waiting for? Contact us and experience our slimming massage in Singapore!

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