Nursery Must-Have Items That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Nursery Must-Have Items That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

During night time, your baby might feel upset or scared if you are not around to console them. Gradually, this will cost your baby their precious sleep and become a very tricky matter if you are still recovering from childbirth or occupied with other errands. Hence, nursery items or toys make for a great substitute to soothe your baby during bedtime. With an influx of products in the market, which nursery items should you get for your little bundle of joy? We heard your concerns, loud and clear. In this special collaboration with MumChecked, we have brought you a shortlist of nursery must-have items that can help your baby sleep better!

Pure Cotton Baby Swaddle

Nursery Must-Have Items That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

For better sleep and comfort, you might want to opt for this product to help your baby sleep better. Babies generally love to be swaddled as it keeps them safe and secure. The sense of being swaddled is similar to being housed inside your womb. Therefore, this sense of familiarity keeps your baby warm, secured and snuggled.

This swaddle comes in three adorable designs, which includes dinosaur, star walk and dog. This swaddle can be used to wrap your baby in 360° to promote better rest. Since this swaddle is made of pure cotton, it is highly breathable, soft and suitable for your baby’s delicate skin. But that is not all, the U-shaped protector aids in protecting your baby’s head and neck well. This swaddle also comes with adequate support from beneath to help protect your newborn’s spine and neck effectively!

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Newborn Head-Shaping Memory Foam Pillow

Nursery Must-Have Items That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

With an ergonomic 4D design and BPA-free materials combined, this baby pillow might be one you want to snatch from the market! The ergonomic 4D pillow design helps in dispersing pressure evenly on your baby’s head. Thus, allowing for well-rounded support on your baby’s head and neck during their naptime. This feature is pretty handy for preventing your little darling’s head from slipping off the pillow! Since this pillow is only 0.5 cm high, it will be able to keep your little bundle of joy’s delicate neck protected.

In addition, this children-friendly pillow is made of high-quality memory foam, BPA-free and fluorescence free to ensure a safe sleeping experience. For further convenience and comfort, this item’s pillowcase is crafted of smooth velvet fabric that is gentle on your newborn’s delicate skin and head. The good news? This nursery item is practically sized for your ease of storage, what’s not to like?

Twinkle Baby Anti-Dust Mite Room/Linen Spray 100ml

Nursery Must-Have Items That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

If you are trying to keep your newborn’s room fresh and clean, then this item would work wonders for both you and your newborn! This convenient spray can be used on multiple surfaces for your convenience. Some of the surfaces included are bedsheets, pillow covers, bolster covers, blankets, sofa, carpet and furry toys! On top of that, this wonderful product effectively removes dust mites, bacteria, fungi, mold and mosquitoes too! This spray will keep your baby safe from those pesky insects and nightcrawlers, phew!

Since this spray keeps your newborn’s room squeaky clean and pest free, this will allow your child to be more at ease and relaxed. Thus, this leads to better and more restful sleep for your little bundle of joy! Besides that, this multipurpose spray is also useful for sanitary purposes. Ensuring that your child will be able to sleep in a safe and hygienic environment. You don’t want to miss out on this one!

Cotton Cot Fitted Sheet

Nursery Must-Have Items That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

One of the best or most essential nursery items to have is an excellent mattress sheet to keep your child comfortable and safe. If you are looking for one, then look no further than this product! This cotton playpen fitted sheet is great for aiding your little bundle of joy to sleep better! Since this product is made of cotton, this will allow your child to be very relaxed and comfortable through its soft and breathable texture.

With seven different designs of cute images and illustrations, this fitted sheet offers many practical benefits too. This sheet is fitted and safe for your babies to use. Speaking of a safe sleeping experience, this cotton fitted sheet is made of fluorescence-free, BPA-free and non-toxic materials so feel free to let your child spend as much time as they want on it. You might want to make this item a new addition to your household! 

NUK Disney Silicone Sleeptime Soother 6-18mths

Nursery Must-Have Items That Help Your Baby Sleep Better

Last but not least, this cute yet reliable pacifier makes it into our list as one of the nurseries must-have items that can help your little darling sleep better! Approved by the Oral Health Foundation, this BPA-free is safe and suitable for growing children to use. To be more accurate, children ranging from 6 months to 18 months old would be the most appropriate user of this pacifier. Since this pacifier is children friendly and easy to use, this will make for a very convenient item to have to help your baby sleep!

Your baby might have this tendency to keep their mouth rooted as they have gotten used to breastfeeding before going to bed. This pacifier will help soothe such an issue by keeping your newborn’s mouth filled. The good news? This pacifier that resembles that of a mother’s nipple so that would ease your child’s transition from breastfeeding to pacifiers or bottle-feeding! What a convenient item to have.

In conclusion, these are some of the nurseries must-have items that can help your baby sleep better! After all, getting proper sleep is crucial for your little one’s physical and mental development. Not to mention when your baby is able to sleep better, so would you! So head over to MumChecked to get these items for your little one now!

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