A Simple Massage to Soothe Your Colicky Baby

Crying Baby

A night filled with your baby’s cries means a night where you don’t get enough sleep. If your baby cries non-stop, there could be many reasons for it. If you are certain that they are already well-fed and their diaper does not need to be changed, you may be faced with something that is harder to combat. 

The said culprit, of course, is none other than the colic itself. While there is no one proven cause for colic, there have been claims saying it is caused by abdominal discomforts like gas and indigestion. We could certainly understand this as bloatedness and gas can disrupt our sleep too.

Understanding colic can be a challenge for any parent. Colic occurs when an otherwise healthy baby cries excessively and irritably, often for hours at a time. While the exact cause is unknown, experts believe it may be due to a sensitivity to stimulation or an immature digestive system. Signs of colic typically appear soon after birth and may last until the baby is around three months old. 

Because colic can be distressing for both baby and parents, it is important for people to seek out professional help so they can find ways to minimise the discomfort and identify any underlying health issues that could be causing the crying. If you suspect that it is indeed colic, your regular peekaboo may not work at all this time. 

What can you do instead? For a start, do not overfeed them and make sure they burp after each feeding time. While there is no one solution that will work for all babies, you can try to massage their aches away. Massage works great in improving their blood flow, stimulating their senses, and keeping them warm and comfy.

Since colic is mainly associated with stomach pain, you can start by massaging their belly. Afterwards, you can move on to other body parts in case your baby’s colic is indeed caused by other reasons like cramps, undeveloped nervous system, or overstimulation.

What are some basics you should know when attempting a baby massage for colic? There are several techniques you can use; rubbing, stroking, gentle pressing, and more. You can adopt any style that your baby responds to positively, or all of them. One thing you need to keep in mind is that the pressure you are placing on their body should be as light as a feather. Do not push too hard as it may cause even more discomforts to your baby. Above all, remember to always massage in a clockwise direction!

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Here’s what you should try:

  • Interact with your baby before starting and throughout the whole massage
  • Place a gentle pressure using your warm hand on your baby’s stomach
  • When rubbing, create both large and small circles
  • Keep your hands constantly warm
  • Continuously switch your hands when stroking a particular area
  • Pick up your baby’s legs and gently bend their knees
  • Rotate your baby’s legs with the knees bent in a clockwise motion over their stomach
  • Place your hands around your baby’s waist with your thumbs pointing towards the centre of their stomach. Lightly draw both thumbs to the sides at once.

If you’d like a proper step-by-step massage to soothe your baby, here it is!

  • Put some massage oil onto your palms and rub to warm it up
  • Lightly press your baby’s stomach and stroke downwards while alternating between hands 
  • With one hand still placed on their stomach, slowly bend their knees over to their stomach with your other hand
  • Gently rub their stomach in a clockwise motion several times
  • Place one hand on the stomach with light pressure while your other hand picks up your baby’s legs
  • Slowly bend your baby’s knees to the stomach and straighten them
  • Continue to stroke their abdomen downwards, one hand after the other
  • Repeat the previous 2 steps until your baby is calmer.

A baby colic massage for your baby is not only a great way to relieve their discomforts, but also will effectively help you two to bond better. But how can you tell if the massage for colic baby is working? Apart from effectively calming your baby down, it can aid their digestion which, in turn, relieves colic, gas, and constipation. Learn more about baby massage Singapore from our masseuse who can teach you in-person the right ways and tips to massage your little one!

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