Mother’s Day Gifts That Mothers Actually Want

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Would you take up a job that requires you to work or be on standby for 365 days per year, 24 hours a day all life long? And with sleepless nights too, for most nights during the first few months of it? Well, we all think we won’t, but somehow your wife did it.

She takes care of the whole family, she keeps the house clean, and she is always there whenever your children need her. When anything occurs, she’ll need to be the first or second to present herself, protecting and caring for the whole family with her soft, yet strong hands.

Mothers take care of us every single day since we’re born. They feed us, bathe us, clothe us, and even when we get older, they still look after us, accompanying us in every single step of our path. They used to be a woman with dreams and ambition, and yet sacrificed so many for us after she became a mother. Now, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we could not simply let it pass without showing how much we appreciate her! If you have no idea how to pamper your wife on this special day, here are some suggestions for you, check this out!


Staycation, a word you might have heard a lot because of the current situation! A staycation is the vacation spent in your own home country rather than going abroad.

Due to the current situation, people are not advised to travel around the world. However, this does not completely omit the option of travelling for you and your wife. You can still book a nice and comfortable hotel for your family and enjoy a small celebration with dinner-in-bed. Even better, you can try recreating your honeymoon (yes, even if the location is not the same, it is possible).

Not only you get to save up more by staying in your country, but you also help build its economy and more importantly, on Mother’s Day, your wife does not have to tidy up the space or prepare meals like she does every day!

Part-Time Helper

Don’t let your wife or mom clean the house or perform house chores on this meaningful day. They have been maintaining the cleanliness of the house and everywhere for so long! Ease their burden by helping to do the laundry or wash the dishes among many other things you can do around the house – perhaps finally fix that broken tile.

You can opt to hire a part-time helper for your wife to take the load off her shoulder too! Getting a part-time helper is a great ‘gift’ for housewives because it means you want to let her rest while the house is being cleaned and tidied up. You can also get them to do bigger cleaning, such as cleaning the fans, airconditioner, or corners that you normally won’t clean daily!

Of course, you can also go the extra mile to get more items for your house. Try browsing MumChecked for household items and that mothers and baby need to make her daily routines much easier after this!

Get Her a Massage

Mother's Day Gifts That Mothers Actually Want

Massage is a good method to promote relaxation as it is able to help relieve body soreness and relieve tense muscle. For mothers who are working non-stop (being a mother counts as working too!), this would be the BEST gift for your wife on Mother’s Day.

In case you are wondering which massage to choose for your wife, you might want to give our newly-launched ‘Slimming Massage’ a try! This massage is suitable for long-time mothers, even if your wife has given birth years ago.

It can help adult women at any stage to slim down, relax, and get radiant skin, even across all stages of motherhood. If your wife is still in her postpartum confinement period, you can also let her enjoy our post natal massage for a comprehensive postnatal care which will lead to a smoother postnatal recovery!

Give Her a Day Off

Being a mother is a job with no off days or leave, so you might wonder how exactly could you do this? The key is to look at what they do the most in their daily routine. For most mothers, their main responsibilities are to take care of their spouse, children, and household, which means that letting them take a break from all these would be the ideal plan to let them fully rest!

You could take over the cooking or completely settle nighttime feeding on your own for several nights. If the confinement period is almost over, you can let her go out more with her friends without having to worry about your child, cooking, and house chores.

From the moment they become a mother, they are always surrounded by their family, so why not give your wife a day off where she does not have to be fully occupied with only her chores for the family?

More than just your wife, they are also mothers who build the next generation. Becoming a parent is a selfless act, so you both have to appreciate each other and show it. Mommies, keep going, you will always be the heroine of your child. And daddies, have you decided on what to get for your wife or mother?

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