Checklist: Postpartum Necessities for New Moms

Checklist: Postpartum Necessities for New Moms

Is your due date reaching soon? What else should be on your to-buy list to ensure smooth care for yourself and your newborn when they arrive? Let’s go over it all here!

Postnatal Care Essentials

Checklist: Postpartum Necessities for New Moms

Postpartum care is extremely crucial. Once you welcome your new little family member, the blissful part is that you are done with the labour, but your recovery is only beginning. On top of caring for your newborn, you have to care for your body that has gone through months of pregnancy and long intense hours of labour. 

You will probably need to have a little time to rest from the labour pain as you may feel nauseous and feel like there is still an uncomfortable lump in your tummy. Here’s how you could start. You may also want to plan how you expect your first few months of postpartum recovery should go and what sort of help you would require. 

For a start, you want to keep items like maternity pads, disposable underwear, and comfy clothes including thick socks. Plan your post-birth or confinement meals beforehand. If you don’t have a confinement nanny, helper or any family member around who could help with preparing proper confinement meals,  you may want to look into confinement catering.

Another element of postpartum care that’s widely practised by mothers in Singapore is the postnatal massage, i.e. post-birth or after delivery massage. To-be mothers generally would book for such a massage earlier during pregnancy as well.

Baby Feeding Accessories

Checklist: Postpartum Necessities for New Moms

It can seem like there’s a lot on your to-do and to-buy lists when it comes to breastfeeding. You not only have to consider what’s needed for breastfeeding and latching but you may also have to think of the situation when your newborn refuses to breastfeed or does not want to latch on.

For breastfeeding, you would want to have basic necessities like nursing pads, nursing bra, milk collector, breast pump, and milk storage bags. Of course, it should go without saying that you’d require feeding bottles as well. This would make nighttime feeding much easier too, especially on nights when you could not get up to feed or directly latch. Make sure to choose the ones that are designed to suit newborns and consider the suckle pace of your little one too.

If you are not exclusively breastfeeding, you’d want to get some formula milk and formula milk storage containers. In the event you experience discomforts, you’d want to make sure you keep some ointment and cream for cracked nipples or oil to perform breast massage on standby. Massage after childbirth can help you in a lot of ways, including promoting smooth milk production and supply.

Basic Newborn Care Essentials

Checklist: Postpartum Necessities for New Moms

Planning what should go into the nursery room can be fun – and yet challenging! Especially if you’re a first-time parent, the different lists of to-buy newborn necessities can easily be overwhelming. Regardless, it is important to make sure that your newborn baby has all of the essentials they need when they arrive! 

Some of the most important items are diapers, comfortable clothes, mittens and booties, swaddle cloth, and burp cloth. Of course, depending on the furniture you’ll have in the nursery room, you may also require items like baby monitor equipment, white noise machine, changing pad, baby bath thub, and organiser rack for placing diapering essentials.

You can ask for other experienced parents’ input as well to know what sorts of items they realised they need more once their babies arrive. 

And that’s about all you have to check to make sure your postpartum preparations are all on track! It surely can be exhausting and stressful at times, but it’s all worth it once you welcome your new little family member. 

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