Been Years since You Gave Birth? Achieve Your Ideal Body with Postpartum Slimming Massage!

Been Years since You Gave Birth? Achieve Your Ideal Body with Postpartum Slimming Massage!

Ahh don’t we all wish we have the answer to what can get us our dream body? Is it just diet? Exercise? What are some mothers doing right to get in shape that you could have not yet done?

The truth is, there is no one solution that will work for everyone. Everyone’s body is just different, no matter how big or small the difference is! You could follow exactly the same diet as the next person and do what they do in a day, but your body may still not look the same. There are more factors at play than a mere workout, such as your metabolism and your body type!

Therefore, despite watching what you eat and practising exercises regularly, some mothers may still struggle to lose the baby weight even 12 months postpartum. Are you in the same boat? Then, perhaps you’d be thrilled to know that there might be one more option you have not yet considered; slimming massage! 

What is a slimming massage or postpartum slimming massage? Does it work? Well, if you ever wonder how to slim down after giving birth no matter how long it has passed, it might just be the solution you needed! Let’s get right into how it can do you wonders like it does for other long-time moms!

What Is a Slimming Massage?

Slimming massage is a full-body massage done with the purpose of slimming down your body. It is not the same as the typical postnatal massage at home, although some benefits may overlap. In general, it can be suitable for any adults (with no health conditions that may be contraindications) who are looking to lose weight or shape up with the help of natural massage therapy. 

Been Years since You Gave Birth? Achieve Your Ideal Body with Postpartum Slimming Massage!

To lose baby weight, it can get a little more complicated than that. You would have to make sure the massage therapists or massage parlour is trained in targeting postpartum weight in particular. Some services do make use of more advanced technology such as machines to target fat tissues. At PNSG, we want to make sure to provide the safest approach in helping mothers at any stage achieve their dream body through our Slimming & Relaxation Massage.

Why Does Postpartum Slimming Massage Work?

With years of experience and expertise in serving mothers throughout all stages of maternity, our massage has been proven to help reduce the waistline, on top of toning up the body. The slimming massage works because we target common hard-to-tone areas, especially the body parts affected by water retention throughout pregnancy. 

Our techniques and products used work hand in hand to break down stubborn fat tissues and exfoliate dead skin cells, on top of promoting calmness and improving blood circulation. It also targets loose skin for a better appearance. Of course, just like the benefits of postnatal massage, it is also great for relieving muscle tension and releasing stress!

When Should You Go For Slimming Massage after Birth?

If you are not opting for any postnatal massage right after birth or during confinement, it is recommended that you go for our Slimming & Relaxation Massage after 2 months after your birth. Why not immediately after birth? Furthermore, gaining a toned shape shouldn’t be your first priority after birth. Why not give yourself a little bit more time after it?

That said, if you have long passed this window, this massage can still be just as effective for you!

What Is the Process of Slimming Massage?

Been Years since You Gave Birth? Achieve Your Ideal Body with Postpartum Slimming Massage!

At PNSG, our 5-session slimming massage process flow is specially thought of and designed with your needs and comfort in mind. You will be pampered in a rejuvenating journey of energising, stimulating, and freshening the body.

The first session includes a body scrub and wrap to get rid of dead skin cells and reduce water weight, preparing your body for the subsequent treatment. With a special ampoule applied on targeted areas, the session proceeds with a full body massage that breaks down stubborn fat tissues. 

And now, the fun parts! In the second and third sessions, we utilise a specific body shaping cream, cling wrap, and thermal space blanket on top of another type of ampoule to further assist in boosting the slimming effects of the massage. 

In addition, the two final sessions of the massage will be focused on promoting relaxation and relieving muscle knots or tension. This way, you will end the whole massage feeling ‘lighter’ and refreshed! 

The good thing is, each session will end with a belly binding procedure to further help with the waistline reduction and improving your posture! 

Visit our Slimming & Relaxation Massage page to see the full flow of your daily sessions!

Remember, just because months (or years) have passed since your childbirth, it does not mean you have lost your golden chance to be in better shape. You can get your dream body anytime – even from now – as long as you take the first step.

So, why don’t you take the most relaxing and comfortable first step there is and book your massage with us today? Our high-quality massage bed is also now provided for free with our Slimming & Relaxation Massage and Premium Postnatal Massage, bringing spa-like experience into your comfort zone!

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