PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

Explore our authentic Javanese postnatal massages. Dive into the benefits of our Premium, Signature, and Breast Massage for holistic postnatal healing.

The journey of motherhood is rewarding, yet undeniably challenging, especially in the immediate postnatal phase. Every new mother deserves pampering, healing, and comprehensive postnatal care.

Here at PNSG, we’re your trusted provider of authentic Javanese postnatal massages in Singapore, ensuring every mother experiences a rejuvenating postnatal recovery.

If you’re an expectant mother searching for the right postnatal massage, our range of postnatal massage in Singapore might just be for you:

  • Premium Postnatal Massage: For recovery, lactation, slimming
  • Signature Postnatal Massage: For recovery and lactation
  • Breast Massage: For extra attention on breast discomforts due to breastfeeding

Continue exploring the rest of this blog to help you decide which one is right for you.

Introduction to Authentic Javanese Massage

Javanese massage, popularly known as jamu massage, is a traditional practice rooted in ancient Indonesian wellness rituals. Famed for its therapeutic benefits, jamu massage employs a blend of herbal remedies and specific massage techniques, offering holistic healing to postnatal mothers.

A signature element of this practice is “belly binding,” or “bengkung.” This age-old tradition involves tightly wrapping the abdomen in a long cloth, providing support and aiding in the healing of the womb after childbirth. Not only does it offer physical support, but belly binding also helps in slimming the postnatal belly and enhancing the overall recovery process, making it an integral part of the jamu postnatal experience.

Hence, Javanese massage remains a favoured option among mothers for postnatal care in Singapore.

Now let’s dive into the range of authentic Javanese postnatal massage we offer!

PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

Premium Postnatal Massage

Experience the epitome of luxury with our Premium Postnatal Massage. Tailored to provide comprehensive healing, this package ensures a meticulous blend of recovery, slimming, and lactation benefits for mothers. For a more relaxing experience at home, our certified therapist will also set up a massage bed for you at no additional cost.


  • Recovery: Accelerate the body’s natural healing process post-childbirth, with extra focus given on the areas most strained by pregnancy, such as the womb, abdomen, hips, thighs, and back.
  • Slimming: Restore your pre-pregnancy physique with our specialised slimming methods rooted in Javanese traditions paired with modern massage techniques for optimal results. For example, we include thermoslim application, thermal space blanket wrapping, herbal hot compress, and ampoules during the sessions to effectively reduce stubborn postpartum fats.
  • Lactation: Improve your milk production and ease breast engorgement with massage techniques designed to promote lactation.

Who Should Get This?

For mothers seeking a holistic postnatal recovery experience. Whether you aim to regain your body’s vitality, refine your silhouette, or make breastfeeding easier, this premium offering ensures all-round care.

PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

Signature Postnatal Massage

Discover the essence of PNSG with our Signature Postnatal Massage, a meticulously crafted package prioritising recovery and lactation support.


  • Recovery: Embrace serenity and let go of postnatal discomfort with our signature recovery techniques, focusing on critical areas like the womb, abdomen, hips, back, and thighs.
  • Lactation: Ease breast engorgement and blocked ducts with targeted massage methods ensuring smoother milk flow.

Who Should Get This?

Perfect for mothers focusing on swift recovery and lactation benefits. Experience PNSG’s signature touch and let us guide you through a rejuvenating postnatal phase.

Premium vs. Signature Postnatal Massage: A Comparison

Here’s a quick overview of what are the differences between our Premium and Signature Postnatal Massage:

PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

*Subject to changes without prior notice.

Breast Massage

Focused on easing the breastfeeding journey, our Breast Massage is aimed at ensuring breast health and alleviating common nursing discomforts.


  • Alleviate symptoms of blocked ducts and breast engorgement
  • Promote a steady and healthy milk flow
  • Experience relaxation and a significant reduction in soreness and discomfort

Who Should Get This?

An essential choice for breastfeeding mothers. Whether facing lactation challenges or seeking regular breast health maintenance, this massage ensures holistic care.

Our Postnatal Massage Review

As the largest prenatal and postnatal massage service in Singapore, we have more than 70 certified therapists ready to give mummies the best service. Since we started in 2014, we’re the first choice of over 30,000 mothers and counting.

But don’t just take our word for it, here are what mothers are saying about our massage and therapists:

PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

“Auntie Serena (M149) is an incredible masseuse who is professional, skilled, and knowledgeable. Each session with her is incredibly relaxing, as she adjusts the pressure to my tolerance. Her massages have not only flattened my tummy and improved milk flow, but also relieved my body aches. I feel rejuvenated after every session and would highly recommend her.” – Jessica Lim, via Google Reviews

PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

“Eileen was friendly, caring, reliable and was always on time. She tailored each massage to address my specific needs that day. The binding also helped my tummy to recover more smoothly. Would recommend for mums in confinement!” – Sandra Chan, via Google Reviews

PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

“Had a good experience with Ida for post natal massage. Not only did she relieve the muscle strains felt through having to care for the baby, but also helped in breaking up my cellulite through deep tissue massage at my thighs, butt and tummy areas mainly. All areas actually had a reduction in inches after the massage! Would recommend her massage service!” – Geraldine Yeo, via Google Reviews

PNSG: Making Your Postnatal Journey Healing and Restful

Mai from PNSG was my massage therapist – she’s very experienced and she also shared with me how to massage my newborn baby too. I would strongly recommend you to look for Mai for post natal massage.


Every mother deserves a postnatal journey that’s healing, restful, and rejuvenating. At PNSG, we pledge to deliver just that. Rooted in the timeless wisdom of Javanese traditions, our massages promise holistic healing.

So, if you’re still searching for “massage lady for postnatal near me” to get a professional massage therapist in Singapore, we at PNSG are ready to give you the best massage.
Learn more about Premium Postnatal Massage, Signature Postnatal Massage, and Breast Massage now.

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