How to Manage Pregnancy Weight Gain

How to Manage Pregnancy Weight Gain

So, you’ve just given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. Everything’s wonderful, everything’s great. But being a woman, you’re critical of yourself for not ‘bouncing back’ to your pre-pregnancy weight quickly enough – what with the stretch marks and extra flab. Without even looking in the mirror, without even stepping on a scale, you’ve already deemed yourself inferior. 

While you know that you shouldn’t let those extra pounds define you, you still want to shed them and get back in shape. Well, guess what? You can. And the answer may sound cliche, but having a healthy lifestyle is the way to go – not only for physical health, but also for mental clarity and physiological health. So, rather than fixate on becoming slimmer, do the following for an overall boost of health and you will feel much better about yourself.

1. Get enough rest/sleep

There is a reason why the confinement period exists. It is for the mother to recuperate, to regain her energy, to heal and recover. Childbirth is no small matter. Your body underwent a huge ordeal and it can take a toll on your health. So it is imperative to take your time, slow things down, and get as much rest and shuteye as you can. When you go off to slumberland, your brain is able to shift its focus to issues in the body and repair any damage. Just by sleeping more, you are helping yourself be a better you.

2. Exercise

This should be a no-brainer. Pregnant or not, people are encouraged to move around more, to be more active. Of course, you shouldn’t be aiming to lift or bench press right after delivery, but simple exercises like walking and stretching go a long way. Not only will it keep your muscles going and tone them up in the process, it will also clear your head and give you better sleep.

3. Eat appropriately and drink enough water

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Do you know how much of an impact eating has on your body? Everything that you consume, or don’t, affects your health. Which is why ‘eating healthy’ is always the go-to phrase for any proper diet. But that’s not to say that your meals should be the only thing you eat. What you need is a habit of having well-rounded meals. Do not fear eating. Do not over or undereat due to fear that food will keep those pounds on or even make you put on more. 

The key is moderation. Don’t keep going for second servings. Having sufficient servings each meal and and even some healthy snacks in between will keep you satiated and give you the nutrition you need. This way, your body learns a routine of when to expect food and will be able to get the nutrients to accelerate your recovery efficiently, indirectly keeping itself in better shape.

Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated with plenty of water too, to flush out the toxins and have better digestion. Doing this keeps your body running in an efficient manner.

4. Refer to your doctor 

Now, if you’ve exhausted all means possible and nothing seems to be working, your next step would be to get a doctor’s advice. There might be an underlying issue that was unprecedented, or perhaps you just need more time. Every woman is different, and her recovery and ability to ‘bounce back’ is unique to her. A doctor would be able to provide you the support you need and help you understand your body better.

5. Get a massage

Massages can be very relaxing. Sure, you can do it yourself or get your spouse to give you one. But what’s even better is getting one from a professional. They would know which points to focus on, which area to put pressure for the best results, and how in general to make you feel like you’ve melted into the bed. Mom massage are a great way to destress and take your mind off things. And having one after pregnancy, it helps relieve aches and swelling, speed up womb recovery, relieve water retention and tone up the body, and also improve sleep. When your body gets the help it needs to recover, with a mom massage, your road to getting in shape gets shorter.

And you know what? You don’t need to wait until after childbirth to get a massage. You can have massage sessions even when you’re pregnant. Massaging pregnant belly of yours could be the relief you need from the strain of carrying a child for months. 
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