Postnatal Massage in Different Cultures

Postnatal Massage in Different Cultures - PNSG Singapore

Postnatal recovery can be challenging, but it is necessary to take extra care of new mothers in the following six weeks or so after delivery. If you are considering postnatal massage in yours, just like many new mothers, you may also question when to start it – and the answer may differ in different cultures around the world!

In fact, there are even different postnatal techniques carried out in different cultures of the world. Are you a new mom or a soon-to-be mom looking for postnatal massage techniques and finding which one will work best for you? If so, this blog might give you the answer! Read on to find out when to start postnatal massages and how they are done in different cultures.

Postnatal massages are considered an integral part of the postpartum recovery of new mothers. They help alleviate the pain after delivery and pregnancy that a new mother may experience. A new mother may feel more relaxed and sleep well from a postnatal massage.  When to start postnatal massage is a question that is relative to different cultures. It is suggested that that postnatal massage should be started right after the baby is born and until 40 days because that is the period in which the body is experiencing hormonal changes and needs to heal. Mothers who went through C-section to deliver the baby can heal faster with the help of postnatal massage.

Postnatal Massage in Indian Culture

In Indian culture, postpartum moms are encouraged to receive a massage every day for 40 days after the baby is born. Along with this, they are required to rest well and eat certain foods that are good for recovery. 

Postnatal Massage in Malay Culture

Postnatal Massage in Malay Culture - PNSG Singapore

In other cultures such as Malay, ‘mengurut badan’, which is Malay for ‘massaging the body’, is also part of the postnatal care activity commonly carried out by new mothers. In general, Malay culture has about 6 postnatal practices out of which Mengurut Badan is considered to be the most important one. 

This postnatal massage is done about three times a week for 45 minutes and herbal oils are massaged into the skin with great care during the session. The main focus of these massages are the abdomen starting from the neck and slowly moving downwards. In Singapore, postnatal massages are considered an essential part of the postnatal recovery for new mothers. They usually include whole-body massages for the new mother.

Postnatal Massage in Western Culture

In Western cultures, the concept of postnatal recovery is not practised that much. New mothers are expected to simply bounce back after resting for a short while and postnatal massages and such other practices are seen as luxuries in the fast-paced Western cultures.

Therefore, there is no one right answer to the question of when to start postnatal massages as it largely depends on when you feel that your body is ready for it. If a new mother has undergone C-section delivery, then they may need rest before they can start massage otherwise it may be painful for them. Postnatal massages have helped in the recovery process for C-section and healing of C-section scars for many women. It is usually suggested that new mothers should get postnatal massages within the first 40 days after birth, which will help you relax and heal faster. 

All in all, while massages and the overall postnatal recovery care practices may differ a lot from one culture to another, the key to your recuperation is simply finding one that suits you. If you’d prefer to create your own version of postnatal massage following your own preference, check out the oils and lotions from MumChecked for postnatal massages as they offer good and affordable products for your postnatal recovery needs!

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