How To Keep Fit During And After Pregnancy

How To Keep Fit During And After Pregnancy - PNSG SingaporeBeing pregnant is a beautiful and exciting time in any woman’s life. While you are thinking about painting the nursery or buying cute baby clothes, your body will undergo changes, and that may make you feel uncomfortable.

It is essential to be healthy while pregnant and after birth. Both your physical and mental fitness should be taken care of during these periods.

Some ways in which you can do this is by:

Staying Hydrated

This factor can never be emphasised enough. Being hydrated is good for both you and the baby and after giving birth, drinking hydrating drinks like red date tea can help you in regaining your figure back.

Hydrating can also reduce nausea when pregnant. Your fluid intake may also reduce the hunger pangs that you may experience and thus prevent you from overfeeding yourself.


Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean that you should stop your exercise regimen.

You can consult your doctor, and they will advise you on the best type of exercise that you can have while expecting.

Whether you should reduce the intensity or not will depend on how far along you are with the pregnancy and what kind of exercise you are doing.

Eat Healthily

A well-balanced diet should always be your priority when aiming for a healthy body during and after pregnancy.

Vegetables and fruits are a must for you to have enough fibre in your body. You should include lean protein and healthy fats as well.

The food can also be cooked with delicious recipes that can be beneficial for expecting mothers too.

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Be Yourself

When you are pregnant, you will hear or read many things that other people abide by or avoid during their pregnancy.

This information is vital because you will learn through other people’s experiences, but do not try things that you are not comfortable doing. If you prefer walking as a form of exercise, then do so.

You shouldn’t change and start swimming just because you hear other people saying that swimming is better.

Do what you are most comfortable with, and consult your doctor to make any necessary adjustments. Generally, try to be as active as possible.

Take Time-outs

Listen to what your body is saying. If you are tired, relax and rest. Always try and have a good night’s sleep.

Sleep and rest are vital during and after pregnancies so don’t take it for granted. You will be exhausted before giving birth and after so give your body the much-needed recovery time, and you can only do that by resting your eyelids.

If you can get someone to help you with your bundle of joy, it will go a long way. Your body tissues will need that time to readjust again to the way they were before the pregnancy.

Have a Body Massage

Pregnancy massage in Singapore can be very beneficial before you deliver to relax your muscles and soothe the discomfort that you may be experiencing at that time.

Massage is also essential in aiding a full and quick recovery for a mother who has just given birth.

A qualified massage therapist will be able to use techniques they have learnt in making sure that the mother’s body swelling is reduced.

Having a massage can be a way of helping the mother heal both mentally and physically especially if they feel overwhelmed after birth.

Closing Words

Your health and that of your baby should always come first above anything else so follow these tips to ensure that.

Above all, be positive and give the healing process time, and try to enjoy your pregnancy and your baby when they are finally in your arms.

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