How Do I Take Care of Myself Postpartum?

How Do I Take Care of Myself Postpartum (1)

Carrying a baby to term and then giving birth is no easy feat. Once you’ve gone through it, you need time to rest and recover. This is why many cultures in the world practice ‘confinement’, whereby a woman generally takes a break from work and stays home with her newborn.

This postpartum period usually lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, and it’s a time for your body to readjust back to its usual state. Whether you gave birth naturally or through C-section, it is important not to over strain yourself. 

Focusing on yourself at this time will help you heal faster and ensure that you’ll be able to care for your child in the long term.

The Best Self Care Steps to Take

After giving birth, you’ll have a newborn to think about and that’s a heavy responsibility. At the same time, you shouldn’t neglect yourself either.

Get Adequate Sleep and Rest

Physical healing is dependent on the amount of sleep you get. Although that may be a challenge with a newborn that wakes up a few times at night, you should try to nap whenever you get the chance.

This is also a good time to accept the help of others in caring for your newborn. This can be from one of your family members, or a confinement lady. Having someone else around to keep an eye on your child and help you with chores will allow you more space to rest.

Keep your Doctor’s Appointments 

Having medical attention isn’t just reserved for the times when something goes wrong. Instead, it is advisable to get regular medical consultation In addition to ensuring that your healing process is going accordingly, a checkup will also be able to detect and nip any issues in the bud.

In addition to keeping track of your physical health, your doctor will also be able to monitor your mental health and assess your risk of postpartum blues.

Eat a Balanced Diet

In Singapore, most new mothers will be advised to practise a confinement diet, in which many foods are encouraged, like ginger. Confinement diets also exclude several types of foods that are considered ‘cold’, such as fruits including watermelon, pears and coconut. 

How Do I Take Care of Myself Postpartum (2)

Whether you adhere to these practices strictly or not, you should maintain a balanced and healthy diet. This means following the food pyramid as much as closely as possible and eating foods that can provide you with enough vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins for your body to recover.

Get Assistance from Others

As a mother in her postnatal recovery period, you shouldn’t have to do everything by yourself. As mentioned earlier, there are many options these days where you can obtain help to care for your newborn.

 These include family members, professional confinement ladies and even confinement centres. You will also get plenty more opportunities to bond and spend time with your child this way, without having to worry about tiring errands and chores.

Do Some Light Exercise

Although getting enough sleep and rest is crucial, it’s also important to be as active as possible. Your postpartum recovery period should include some light exercise, such as yoga and walking.

In the first few days, you don’t have to do much or push yourself, but later on you can start with some light tasks like boiling some water or walking around your home.  As time goes on you might want to gradually increase the type and intensity of your physical activity.

Light exercises are beneficial at this stage as it helps to relieve stress, promotes sleep, boosts immunity and tone your abdominal muscles. 

Go For a Postpartum Massage

A massage after childbirth will be very beneficial in several ways. Some of these include relieving aches and pains, speeding up the healing process and helping with weight loss. 

A postpartum massage will be conducted by a professional and experienced massage therapist who will know the types of massage to administer for different conditions.It  will also help you relax and sleep better at night, as well as promote a healthy blood circulation. 

Putting Importance On Yourself

 In order to care for your baby better, you have to first ensure that you get adequate postpartum care Singapore. Once you take care of your own needs, you’ll be able to care for your newborn more efficiently too. 

One of the things you can do is to get a lady massage from one of our certified female therapists directly to your doorstep. Apart from providing a massage in the comfort of your own home, they will also provide a free baby massage tutorial that you can perform safely on your child. 

Remember that a massage offers so much more than just physical comfort, as it relaxes and frees your mind too.

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