Bonding with Baby Through Massage: Why and How

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Did you know that baby massage is an effective time to bond with your baby, and not to mention, practical?

Not only does it promote a better sleeping quality for your baby, but also reduce fussiness, alleviate colic, and surprisingly – to promote the bonding with you!

Of course, there are a variety of bonding methods, and giving your baby a massage is one of the effective ways to create a love bond.

Why should you bond with a baby through massage?

Touch is the first language

Babies can feel the touch when they are still in the womb. You might have noticed that they will respond to you when caressing your bump during the pregnancy.

Besides, a baby who has a routine touch will be more likely to show more positive expression and eye contact with parents as the cognitive ability and attentiveness of the baby are improved.

Confidence in handling baby

Not only does it bring benefits to the baby, but massaging your baby also has a good outcome for you!

Massage is a unique communication process between you and your baby. It encourages your baby to respond during this process.

This is a journey for you and your baby to discover the best way to interact with each other.

Throughout the massage, you will learn how to deal with your baby and how your baby actually communicates with you!

How to create great bonding time with your baby through massage?

1. When to massage

The first tip on the right timing to massage your baby is when he or she is alert but not too hungry or full.

Also, pay attention to your baby’s mood! It’s best to bond with your baby through massage when he or she appears calm and has a steady gaze. And you can either give the massage in the morning to make the day go well or do it at night to help your baby sleep well.

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2. Create an atmosphere

The massage surrounding it would affect your bonding time too! Keep the room warm, quiet and not too light. Baby can be placed on a towel above the changing pad or the bed. Before you start, remember to wash your hands and remove your jewellery! While you undress your baby, let him or her know it’s time for a massage.

3. Seek permission

Your baby needs your respect too! Before you start the massage, rub some oil on your palm and let the baby hear the swishing sound when you warm the oil between your palms. Show your baby your oiled open hands and use some keyword to alert your baby that you are going to do a massage. Start the massage if the baby gives you positive cues.

4. Start slow and take a cue from baby

Use a gentle touch at first and do the warm-up by slowly rubbing on your baby’s tummy and behind the ears. After the warm-up, you may start massaging from the baby’s feet and gradually up to the tummy, chest and shoulder, arm, head and face and lastly, you can slowly turn the baby around and massage the back.

Your baby will let you know if they are feeling good throughout the massage by showing the smile, eye contact and the relaxed movement from their arms and legs. Otherwise, if your baby shows you the sign of cries, arching her back and flailing her arms, you need to stop massaging or change it in other ways.

5. Keep talking

Keep communicating during the process of massage is important for bonding time. You can always tell a story or sing a song so both you and the baby can stay relaxed. You can keep repeating the baby’s name when talking to him or her and the word “relaxed” actually calms them down!

You might need a few times to practise before you get the message just right for your baby. Each practice is a wonderful time to develop a love bond with your baby. Other than baby massage, breastfeeding is a great way to bond with your little one too!

Closing Words

For all mums, not only will massage for a new born baby help your baby have a healthy and happy development, relaxing yourself after birth is important too!

Treat yourself with a postnatal foot massage or a breast massage after delivery to relieve your discomfort in addition to that baby foot massage for sleep that you’ll be getting for your little one!

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