Our Masseuse’s Newborn Massage Tutorial

Newborn Massage
Newborn Massage

You’ve tried feeding your infant. You’ve changed their diapers. You are now pulling your hair out because your infant still keeps crying and crying and crying! Your eyes are red and you’re now wishing that you could just sleep…if only your infant could tell you what is wrong…

Have you been through, are going through, or know someone who is going through such a scenario? May we suggest a massage? 

Yes, you could definitely do with a postnatal massage from us! Meanwhile, for today, let’s focus on how to give a soothing massage for your little one too! 

Baby massage can help babies relax their muscles, move and expel ‘trapped wind’, soothe them to sleep, and could help them develop a stronger immune system.

Some other advantages of massaging a baby include promoting growth by stimulating their nervous system which in turn promotes sensory development and even their motor skills. In addition to that, it also helps improve their digestive system, improve blood circulation, and reduce their discomforts caused by gas, congestion, or teething.

Things to Take Note When Massaging Your Baby

A few things to look out for before going in for that massage. It’s not the best time for a massage when your baby turns their head away from you or stiffens their arms. Also, try waiting at least 45 minutes after a feeding as performing a baby massage too soon after they eat can cause vomiting.

The frequency of massage will really depend on you and your baby. Some parents massage their baby daily while others may opt for alternate days or even once a week. There really is no right frequency here, but what is generally accepted is to not force a massage upon your child.

Massage Time!

Now that you’ve understood the benefits of baby massage and things to take note of, let’s dive into how to do baby massage! Our masseuse recommends the following four steps to massaging your baby, focusing on different parts of the body as we go:

  1. Warm Up
  2. Legs
  3. Tummy
  4. Chest & Shoulders

Warm Up

Let’s take a more detailed look at the first step. For the warm up, apply some baby oil onto your palms and gently rub it all over your baby’s tummy and behind their ears. As this is the opening step, do take note of your baby’s reaction towards your touch. If it is too cold, you may want to warm up your hands a little.


Baby leg massage
Baby leg massage

Next, we move on to the legs, massage your baby’s feet with your thumb by stroking gently and working your way from the heels towards the toes. With slow, gentle movements, make circles with your thumb at the bottom of their feet. Then, slowly stroke their ankles and make your way towards their thighs.


Once that is done, stroke gently with the slightest pressure on top of the belly and below the chest. Slowly make your way across their belly using gentle clockwise circular strokes. You may want to do your best to avoid their belly buttons as it is a sensitive and delicate area for babies.

Chest & Shoulders

Almost at the end now, stroke gently from both sides of your baby’s shoulders towards their chest a few times. Next, place your hands at the centre of your baby’s chest and slowly rub towards their lateral sides. Lastly, gently stroke outwards from your baby’s chest bone and across their chest like you are tracing the shape of a heart.

There, now you’re getting into the swing of things. Don’t be afraid of repeating the steps as and when necessary, and remember, there is no set time limit for this. As long as you both are enjoying it, the process and the bonding, keep at it.

Final Thoughts

We hope that this guide has been beneficial and will help your little one relax which in turn will lead to a more relaxing time for you so that you may catch up on some rest.

Baby massages are a wonderful, soothing therapy that calms your baby and promotes bonding time. For instance, if you notice your little one has been moody or crying, you may consider giving a colic massage for newborn to calm him or her down. However, massaging doesn’t come naturally to all parents. Don’t be discouraged if massaging your baby doesn’t work out at first.

You and your baby may have to go through a fair bit of trial and error before getting the massage just right. With each go around, you will be developing a deeper, loving bond with your baby. Keep at it, even if you don’t get the hang of baby massages at first. Your baby will thank you for it.


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