Why Should You Get Pregnancy Massage?

Why Should You Get Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy is an exciting and special time in a woman’s life. If you are a new mom or an expecting mother, you may have heard about prenatal massage or postnatal massage. Let’s be honest: pregnancy can also be uncomfortable, as the body changes to accommodate the growing baby, with new aches and pains that weren’t there before. 

Many expecting mothers are looking for relief from these discomforts, and prenatal massage has become an increasingly popular option.

But what exactly is it? 

What Is A Pregnancy Massage? 

Generally speaking, prenatal and postnatal massage are specialised forms of massage that are designed to help pregnant women and their newborns with their health and well-being.

Pregnancy massage is specifically tailored to the needs of pregnant women who are looking for relaxation and relief from the effects of carrying a baby. 

It helps reduce tension in muscles, stimulate blood circulation, decrease swelling, increase joint mobility and improve posture, which can all help alleviate pain caused by pregnancy. 

During this type of massage therapy, special techniques are used that are safe for both mum and baby as well as being comfortable for the mum-to-be who is lying on her side or sitting in a special chair designed for expectant mothers 

Why Should You Get Pregnancy Massage?

Benefits Of Getting Prenatal Massages? 

First, let’s talk about the benefits of getting a prenatal massage. It can reduce stress as well as back, neck and joint pain caused by pregnancy weight gain. Plus, it helps reduce fluid retention, ease headaches and fatigue, shorten labour times, and relieve depression or anxiety. In fact, many pregnant women report feeling more relaxed after receiving this type of massage therapy. 

Benefits for Mummy

Pregnancy can be a stressful time for any woman, and pregnancy massage can help reduce stress levels by providing relaxation and relief from muscle aches, pains, headaches, and depression. It also helps to improve circulation in the body, which can help with edema (swelling) as well as reduce tension in the neck muscles. The massage therapist may also use specific techniques to increase the flexibility of the joints in preparation for labour. 

Benefits for Baby

Research has found that prenatal massage can promote healthy development of the baby by stimulating blood flow to both mother and baby. This increased blood flow brings more oxygen to the baby’s bloodstream, which helps them grow faster. Additionally, prenatal massage reduces cortisol levels in both mother and baby, which helps them develop healthier immune systems as well as improve their overall mental health. 

Bonus Benefits: Postnatal Massages 

Postnatal massage is another type of specialised massage that helps new moms get back on their feet after giving birth. 

This type of massage focuses on helping new moms relax while reducing any pain or discomfort they may have from carrying a baby during pregnancy. 

Postnatal massages are also known to boost energy levels, improve posture, reduce swelling, decrease joint pain, and relieve neck stiffness caused by carrying a child full-term.  

It can even help fight off postpartum depression by increasing serotonin levels in the brain which is associated with happiness! 

Safety Considerations  

When considering the safety of getting a prenatal massage during pregnancy, there are several things to keep in mind. 

For instance, be sure to go to a qualified practitioner with experience providing this type of massage therapy specifically for expectant mothers; since their bodies differ from those who aren’t pregnant, special techniques must be used to ensure safety for both mother and baby. 

Also, avoid deep tissue massages as well as hot stone treatments; these may increase your risk of premature labour or low birth weight. 

Make sure you communicate any discomforts you have with your therapist so they can adjust the pressure accordingly—it should not be painful at any point during the session. 

Finally, avoid lying face down during your massage session; it is not recommended due to the potential harm it could cause your unborn baby.

Why Should You Get Pregnancy Massage?

Some Examples Of Pregnancy Massages?

Alright, that’s all nice and good. However, we’re quite sure you’re wondering what exactly is a pregnancy massage, right? Here are a few examples:

Traditional Authentic Javanese Massage

Traditional authentic Javanese massage is a type of massage therapy that combines acupressure, reflexology, and aromatherapy. It is believed to have originated in Java, Indonesia over 1,000 years ago and was traditionally used to promote physical and mental balance. The technique combines gentle stretches with rhythmic pressure along the body’s energy pathways (meridians), which helps to reduce stress levels, relieve tension, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. 

Swedish Massage Therapy 

The most common type of massage therapy used during pregnancy is Swedish massage therapy. This involves long strokes, gentle kneading, vibrational movements, light tapping and deep circular motions on both the upper and lower body. It helps reduce stress, improve circulation and promote relaxation. The therapist may use oil or lotion while performing this type of massage as it helps to lubricate the skin and keep it from becoming too dry. Additionally, this type of massage has been shown to reduce pain associated with labour, delivery, postpartum recovery and breastfeeding. 

Hot Stone Massage Therapy 

Hot stone massage therapy is another popular choice for pregnant women who want relief from aches, pains, stress and anxiety. During this type of massage, heated stones are placed on certain areas of the body that need more attention, such as the lower back or neck area. The heat penetrates deep into muscles, relieving soreness and tension in an incredibly relaxing way. Hot stone massages also help increase blood flow throughout the body, which is especially beneficial for pregnant women who need extra nutrients delivered directly to their baby.  

Deep Tissue Massage Therapy  

For those looking for deeper relief from muscular pain or discomfort during their pregnancy journey, deep tissue massage therapy may be the answer. This type of massage works by releasing tension in deeper layers of muscle tissue through slow strokes that target specific areas where there is tightness or stiffness in the body. It helps relieve aches caused by carrying a growing baby, as well as promoting relaxation both physically and mentally. The therapist will typically use lotion or oil while performing this type of massage so that they can apply more pressure without causing discomfort or irritation to your skin during treatment sessions. 

Closing Words

Whether you’re expecting or recently given birth, pregnancy or postnatal massages offer an array of benefits that can help you feel better physically as well as mentally during such an important time in your life. 

Getting regular massages for pregnant ladies in Singapore (especially our very own PNSG massages) during this time not only relieves stress but also promotes healthy development for both mother and baby! 

We hope this blog has helped provide some insight into pregnancy massage spas and why it’s so important for mothers to consider getting a pregnancy massage – your body will thank you!

Should you be too far along to make your way down to a specialised spa for pregnancy in Singapore, let us remind you once more that our PNSG packages offer pregnancy massages all from the comfort of your own home. Our professionally trained and certified massage therapists will go to your house so that you can enjoy the benefits of the massage sessions without needing even to leave your front door.

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