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Premium Postnatal Massage

The all-in-one authentic Javanese recovery and slimming therapy that helps you get effective postnatal healing and visible postnatal weight loss.

Why Premium Post natal Massage?

Postnatal Slim Massage

Slim Down & Relieve Water Retention

After childbirth, new mothers are often concerned about baby weight and postpartum water retention. The unique technique and products of our post natal and slimming massage offer more personalised and comfortable massage compared to a weight loss massager. We help you break down stubborn fats and reduce water retention to slim down tummy and other common problem areas such as hips, thighs, and arms. Furthermore, the enhanced blood circulations as a result of our massages can also help you to burn body fat faster.

Postnatal Mom Belly Massage

Speed Up Womb Recovery

Pregnancy and childbirth bring significant changes and impact on a mother’s well being. Post natal massage helps you with womb recovery by encouraging the discharge of lochia, as well as the reposition of pelvic muscles and abdominal organs.

Postnatal Back Pain Massage

Reduce Post-Surgery Swelling

Regardless of delivery method, mothers who go through childbirth often struggle with post-surgery swelling. Post natal massage helps to ease sore spots and relaxes muscle tension particularly on the abdomen, lower back & hip area. It also helps you to release the stiffness caused by breastfeeding and incorrect latching position.

Postnatal Mom Breastfeeding to Baby

Improve Lactation

Post natal massage therapy relaxes muscles in breastfeeding mothers which naturally helps to lower your stress hormones, improve blood circulation and decrease swellings. This would help clear engorgement and increase your breast milk supply as your blocked ducts are cleared.

Postnatal Massage Mom Better Sleep

Promote Better Sleep

New mothers often feel weak and exhausted after the process of childbirth. Postnatal massage therapy can help you to ease tiredness by promoting calmness for better sleep quality. It is also proven that postnatal massage can greatly help you to ease muscle tension, promote blood circulation and reduce stress.

Postnatal Foot During Pregnancy

Brighten & Smoothen Skin

Our slimming massage includes a full body scrub that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells off every part of your body and help relieve water retention. Exfoliation can help prevent clogged pores to enhance absorption of massage oil and skin care products, resulting in more radiant and smoother skin. Long-term, consistent exfoliation also helps to increase the collagen production in your body, which is the key to healthy and glowing skin.

Leaf - Postnatal Massage in Singapore
Leaf - Postnatal Massage Singapore

Exclusive: Mustela Freebies

Only With Booking Of Premium Postnatal Massage Package

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Premium Postnatal Massage

10 Sessions Massage | Deposit $238
5 Sessions Postnatal Massage + 3 Sessions Slimming Massage + 2 Sessions Relaxation Massage
90 Minutes Per Session
Portable Massage Bed Will Be Prepared
Available add on: Bathing Herbs
Postnatal Bathing Herbs for Desktop View Postnatal Bathing Herbs for Mobile View

Commonly Asked Questions

  • As a part of your postnatal recovery and weight loss, we suggest that the post pregnancy massage (also known as postnatal or postpartum massage) and the slimming and relaxation massage sessions be done consecutively, as this is how you will be able to best reap the benefits of the postnatal massage and slimming package massage. This also allows you to closely monitor your progress.

  • For vaginal delivery, your premium massage package may commence any time after 5 days from the delivery date. For caesarean delivery, your premium massage package may commence any time after 21 days from the delivery date.

  • As the top post natal massage home service provider in Singapore, all of our services are home-based. We understand that some moms practise the more traditional approach of confinement where they will stay inside the house during this critical period. Hence, we wish to be as accommodating as possible regardless of the kind of postnatal care Singapore moms individually observe. The prices stated for all post natal massage packages are nett pricing, inclusive of transportation cost, and attractive freebies! So if you are wondering “is there any postnatal and slimming massage near me?”, look no further as PNSG is ready to serve you right at your door!

  • You only have to prepare 2 large towels and 2 smaller towels. We also recommend you to take some light food at least one hour before and take a shower before the post natal massage starts.

  • Our post natal massage Singapore therapists are assigned based on their designated areas. Feel free to let us know if you have any preferred therapist, and we will check her availability. If she is not available in your area, we would do our best to arrange a similar therapist who is the closest to your preference. Regardless, all of our therapists are certified and professionally-trained to provide you with the best post natal massage Singapore service.

  • In the event you are not satisfied with your therapist, please do inform us as soon as possible as it may take between 1 to 2 days for us to make the arrangement to get you a replacement. The replacement will be done free of charge.

  • The first session of your Premium Postnatal Massage Package is considered a trial session, which allows you to cancel in case you are not satisfied or do not feel comfortable. Upon cancelling your package, only $158 will be deducted from the deposit paid. The remaining balance will be refunded to you via bank transfer.

  • The premium postnatal massage package is a comprehensive post natal care therapy that consists of post natal massage, body slimming massage and relaxation massage to mainly help mothers with postnatal recovery and losing weight after baby. It offers 5 days of postnatal massage and 5 days of slimming and relaxation massage. On top of the benefits of post natal massage, the premium postnatal massage package helps you speed up your postpartum weight loss with authentic, effective slimming massages.

  • Of course! You can extend as many sessions as you prefer, and you may choose which day of the post natal massage that you would like to have the extension. The price of the extension will be prorated based on the original package that you have signed up.