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Prenatal Massage

Authentic Javanese prenatal therapy that helps you relieve body soreness and aches for a healthy pregnancy and smooth delivery.

Why Prenatal Massage?

Relieves Soreness, Back Pain And Leg Cramps

Pregnancy massage can be great for mothers who are experiencing nerve pain, it also includes foot massage pregnancy mothers need to help with leg cramps. Prenatal massage eases inflamed nerves by releasing muscle tension in the specific area. This promotes better sleep for you as the muscle tension and overall pregnancy discomfort are relieved.

Reduce Lower Hip And Back Pain

It’s common for pregnant mothers to suffer from soreness and fatigue from the weight of the pregnancy. Prenatal massage helps to reduce stress on weight-bearing joints. Massage during pregnancy and massage for lower back pain also helps to decrease pain in the pelvic and hip area. You will feel a lot better as you are able to move about more comfortably.

Improve Blood Circulation And Reduce Swelling

Prenatal massage helps to ease strained muscles to improve the progression of delivery for mothers. This tends to lower the risk during childbirth. Also, one of the prenatal massage benefits is eliminating excess water retention which causes swelling in the lower body parts such as calves and feet.

Promote Relaxation And Stress Reduction

Sleep problems and stress are common for most mothers during pregnancy. Prenatal massage effectively helps you to lessen muscle tension, lower stress hormones. Pregnant massage also helps to promote calmness, and improve your mood.


Step 1

Warm Up

Your prenatal massage at home starts with warming up your body to ensure your body is completely relaxed and calm to avoid the risk of injury.

Step 2

Remove Water Retention

Moving on to the massage of your legs, such as focusing on the calves, which can greatly relieve pregnancy swellings and leg cramps. Leg massage pregnancy therapy also reduces water retention on the thigh area and the excessive swelling.

Step 3

Full Body Massage

You might experience muscle tension and back pain from pregnancy. Our prenatal massages help relieve your discomforts by focusing on your back to soothe muscle tension on the spine area.

Step 4


This step of the massage for pregnancy is meant to unwind your body and mind. We focus on areas like your arms, shoulders and neck area to relieve soreness and tiredness from the weight of your growing baby, followed by light massages on your temples to soothe any headache & migraine.


Prenatal Massage Package

1 Session | Deposit $108
60 minutes Massage
3 Sessions | Deposit $130
60 minutes Massage
5 Sessions | Deposit $160
60 minutes Massage
Available Add Ons:

Enjoy More Comfort with Add-On Massage Bed

Experience a spa-like relaxation from home with a full-sized massage bed, designed for your best comfort in any position. Rejuvenate your body and mind with our hygienic & hassle-free therapy.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • We recommend that pre-natal massage is done only once a week to avoid over-stimulating the fetus. While there is an extensive list of prenatal massage benefits Singapore moms normally look for, prenatal massages should be done moderately to ensure you and your baby’s wellbeing. If you are wondering “is there any pregnancy massage near me?”, PNSG offers in-home prenatal and postnatal massage service at your convenience!

  • The recommended period to get prenatal massages is after 28 weeks of pregnancy and the latest by 2 weeks before your estimated delivery date (EDD). If you would like to get your prenatal massage home service between week 16-27 of pregnancy, please consult and get a green light from your gynaecologist to make sure you are in a good condition for it.

  • Our therapists usually work during the weekdays from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM. There will be no sessions available during the weekends and public holidays. Since we provide home prenatal massage Singapore services, we are aware that weekends are possibly the only time when you are free to stay at home for your pregnancy body massage during the day.

    Therefore, we will be able to check for you if there are any available slots on your preferred dates as we understand some mommies-to-be are working during the weekdays. We hope for your kind understanding as we cannot guarantee that this can be carried out, but we will definitely try our very best to fit in your schedule. Having had many expectant clients who work, we know that that is all the more reason to get a regular prenatal massage Singapore moms often get.

  • You can activate your pre pregnancy massage sessions by calling us 3 to 4 days in advance as we will need an estimated 3 to 4 working days to make arrangements for you.

    Should you have any inquiries regarding our prenatal and postnatal massage package, our friendly customer service officers are here to assist you every day from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM @ 64179690.

  • Prenatal massage soothes different parts of your body parts while excluding sensitive areas like your breasts and abdomen. Our prenatal massage at home Singapore service includes authentic Javanese prenatal body massage, prenatal back massage and prenatal leg massage Singapore moms-to-be can greatly benefit from.