Prolapsed Uterus Might Affect You if You’re Planning for Another Baby. Here’s How.

Will your chance to get pregnant decrease because of a displaced womb? What can you do to prevent it? Learn more here Will Uterine Prolapse Affect Pregnancy!

Prolapsed Uterus Might Affect You - PNSG

Uterine displacement can occur in women of any age group. It is usually called uterine prolapse. When the pelvic muscle becomes weak and no longer supports the uterine, prolapse happens. Naturally, some mothers might face this condition too after childbirth.

The pelvic muscle is weakened due to pregnancy, childbirth, or difficult delivery. Thus, proper postpartum care is essential during the confinement period to ensure you are healing well both inside and out. Before we get into the prevention steps, let’s dig deeper into what exactly is uterine prolapse.

Symptoms of Uterine Prolapse

Women who are in the early stage of uterine prolapse might not have any symptoms. However, women who have moderate or severe prolapse will feel uncomfortable in the womb area and may have the following symptoms:

  • A feeling of pressure on your pelvis. You may feel like you are sitting on a small ball.
  • Feeling painful during sexual intercourse.
  • Having difficulty with sexual intercourse.
  • Uterine protruding out of the vagina.
  • Constipation or difficulty in bowel movement.
  • Difficulty with urination.
  • Lower backache.

If you develop the above symptoms, you should get advice from your doctors as soon as possible. Do not wait until it’s too late.

Effects on Fertility and Pregnancy

You might be concerned that uterine prolapse will affect the chances of you getting pregnant. Don’t worry, your fertility is not affected by the position of your uterus, but may be due to other reasons. If you have any concern regarding your fertility, you may consult a doctor to learn more information about this.

However, you might find it difficult to conceive naturally as uterine prolapse may cause difficulties in sexual intercourse. On top of that, the chance of you getting pregnant might reduce if the uterine prolapse is severe to the extent that it prolapses out of the vagina. 

This is because the uterus will push out the deposited sperms and expose them to air, which causes the sperms to die. Again, there is always a way out and we would advise you to first consult your doctor to figure out the severity of your uterine prolapse.


After giving birth, you can take some actions to reduce the risk of uterine prolapse:

Get Postnatal Massages

Postnatal Massage - PNSG

During the confinement period, you can book postnatal massages as part of your postnatal care. You must take note that postnatal massage is different from the usual relaxation massage. 

A professional and qualified therapist who is well-trained in performing postnatal massage will focus on massaging your uterus. Postnatal massage helps the discharge of lochia in your uterus. 

At the same time, it speeds up your body and uterus recovery and eases the discomforts of your body.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

You should avoid heavy lifting and use correct posture when lifting, especially when you are carrying your baby. When lifting things, you can pack them in smaller quantities. 

Meanwhile, use a trolley instead of a basket when you shop, and seek assistance when you need to carry heavy items.

Do Kegel Exercises

Other than that, you can perform a healthier lifestyle by starting with pelvic floor muscle training such as kegel exercises. Perform kegel exercise regularly as it can strengthen your pelvic muscle. 

Meanwhile, some yoga centres provide postnatal yoga classes. Postnatal yoga especially focuses on promoting your body recovery after giving birth.

While welcoming a new member in your family, don’t forget about your postnatal care. It’s important for you to take care of your body before and after giving birth to your baby. 

Closing Words

Remember to get assistance and advice from professionals for a smoother postnatal recovery. They can help you answer those burning questions like how does a prolapsed uterus affect pregnancy or can you get pregnant with a prolapsed uterus…or even what a pregnancy with existing prolapse will be like. These questions are best left to the professionals like how massages are best left to our PNSG massage therapists!


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