Why Most Traditional Prenatal Practices Are Still Relevant

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From ancient times until today, prenatal care has always been emphasized to help pregnant mommies undergo a smoother delivery. However, just as women from previous eras have adapted and evolved, the same can also be said about traditional prenatal practices as well. While some prenatal practices may be considered irrelevant, leaving out traditional prenatal practice entirely is not necessarily a good idea. This article serves to shed light on why you shouldn’t abandon traditional prenatal practice as a whole and why most of them are still relevant.

Proven Results

Old is gold. There are good reasons for how mommies in the 1930-40s are able to juggle between pregnancy and hard labour in the sea or paddy fields. Most of these traditional practices are known to provide proven results. Our predecessors might lack the technological advancements we have now, but their comprehensive knowledge of the human body and herbs remain as an important foundation for many modern practices. For example, traditional Jamu prenatal massage has been one of the many Javanese prenatal practices that many mothers-to-be have benefited from. If you are new to this term or tradition,  jamu is commonly associated with certain massaging techniques, care products, a series of treatments or remedies for expecting and new mothers

For example, during a traditional Javanese postnatal massage session, certain elements are incorporated during the massage. These tools mainly consist of the oils, cream, and ointments that will be applied to some parts of your body after the massage. Some of the most commonly used jamu products are tapel, pilis, ginger lotion and grapeseed oil. These jamu products are great for you because it keeps your body warm and promotes the rejuvenation of your skin. The pilis, generally known as the herbal mixture applied to the forehead is good for dispelling wind from your body. The same can be said about the tapel (herbal mixture applied on the tummy) too. That’s quite a neat therapy!

Free From Harsh Chemicals

The upside to practicing a traditional prenatal practice is that it often uses natural herbs and ingredients that is free from harsh chemicals and more friendly on the skin. This is great because not only you would be able to prevent or avoid chemically-induced side effects, but you will also be able to maintain good health for both you and your baby. For example, having a balanced traditional diet and consuming nutritious wholefoods in these dishes are one of the great ways to stay nourished and healthy during pregnancy. 

However, avoiding medicines and supplements altogether is not exactly encouraged because some medicines are already formulated to suit your needs and they do not contain harsh chemicals or excessive substances that could be harmful to you. The key is to consult your doctor if you are planning to consume any traditional supplement and medicines together.

Natural Therapy

Why Most Traditional Prenatal Practices Are Still RelevantIn the previous entry, we mentioned how traditional prenatal practices such as consuming herbs can be good for you. On the other hand, natural therapy is part of the traditional prenatal practice that you are encouraged to have too!

Natural therapy such as pregnant massage, relaxation techniques and aromatherapy are known to have a profound impact and they might be able to help you throughout your pregnancy! Generally, they are chemical-free, safe and help prepare your body for smooth delivery. Additionally, these alternatives are also great for keeping you calm and mentally-prepared for your expected date of delivery. If you are interested in products related to mother care Singapore mommies would suggest, you can head over to MumChecked for a plethora of mommy care-related items.

Cost-Friendly Alternatives

The traditional practice does have its perks in terms of cost. This is where traditional prenatal practice is able to stay relevant throughout the years. It provides proven results, promotes your body to work naturally and helps in relaxing it. The fact that it generally does not cost as much as its modern counterpart just gives it a slight edge over it. When applied in tandem with modern medication and professional consultation, it would lead to a smooth and enjoyable prenatal and postnatal experience for you! 

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In a nutshell, these are the reasons why traditional prenatal practice is still relevant and why neglecting them is not exactly a good idea. If you are looking for a pampering massage session during confinement, do contact us at +65 6417 9690! Soothing and comforting therapies await you.