Why Massages Are Essential After Giving Birth

Why Massages Are Essential After Giving Birth - PNSG
Giving birth can be very traumatic for the body. Getting back into your daily routine after having a baby can take time whether you had natural childbirth or underwent a caesarian operation.

When to get the massage differs with different people and bodies. The time that one is allowed to go for a massage after giving birth varies from one woman to another. You should do so when you are completely comfortable to do it.

The benefits for postpartum massages are:

Balancing your Hormones

When pregnant, the body’s estrogen and progesterone levels are generally high, so after giving birth, the body’s hormones levels might be unbalanced.

Getting a postnatal massage after Cesarean or natural childbirth can help you relieve some of the stress and anxiety of having a newborn. The aim is to increase your oxytocin hormones and reduce cortisol levels.

You will feel relaxed, calmer and happier. The baby is sensitive and will pick up on your mood. So, if you are happy the baby is likely to follow suit.

Reduce the Body Swelling

When pregnant, the water retention in the body increases to about 50%, which may make a woman’s body look bloated.

Getting a massage will help the fluids to shift to the right places and eventually help her in getting her figure back.

The tissues of the body are massaged, and with consistent massages, makes them go back to their previous state before the pregnancy.

Keep Depression at Bay

Depression among women who have just given birth is a common occurrence. This condition, known as postpartum depression, can have symptoms that varies for each mother, from a mum not refusing to see or hold her baby, to refusing to care for it at all.

It is caused by various reasons among them being hormonal changes, not being able to adjust to their new lives or even the heavy responsibility that they have just gotten by having a baby.

Having a skilled massage therapist can help a woman in such a state to relax and relieve the stress and anxiety that they may be feeling.

Sleep Well

You can imagine that having to carry another human being in your body for nine months can’t be very easy. Your whole body gets stretched to accommodate the baby, but this is very straining.

Most of the time the mothers don’t get to sleep because of taking care of the newborn. Sleep deprivation can make someone tired and agitated.

It can get nasty for some mothers to the extent of sleepwalking, which may prove to be dangerous for them and the newborn.

Getting a massage will help you to decompress. You will relax, and the results will be getting better sleep.

Help in Breastfeeding

There are times when there isn’t enough breast milk produced for the baby. It is important because breast milk is the recommended food for the baby in the first few months if possible.

This can be quite frustrating for both the mother and the baby. Having a massage can help the chest muscles to open up and assist in the production and circulation of breast milk.

Closing words

Having a postpartum massage complete with post pregnancy massage oil and scents can be very beneficial to a woman’s body, but it is also essential to look for a qualified massage therapist. They will be able to make the right kind of adjustments to your body in order to achieve the desired result.

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