Why Is Jamu Oil Used During Postnatal Massage?

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For centuries, traditional Javanese Jamu oil has been used in postnatal massages for mothers just given birth. Jamu oil is a special blend of herbs and spices that have been carefully chosen for their healing and calming properties.

What Is Jamu Oil? 

Jamu oil is an all-natural oil made from crushed herbs and plants that are indigenous to Indonesia. 

Ingredients & Preparation Process?

The exact ingredients of traditional Javanese Jamu oil will vary depending on the region, but common ones include ginger root, turmeric root, cloves, nutmeg, cardamom, and tamarind fruit while more complicated recipes can see the addition of various herbs such as galangal root, tamarind leaves, pandanus leaf extract, camphor tree bark extract and coconut oil base. 

All ingredients must be ground into a fine powder before being mixed together with coconut oil in a copper pot over low heat in order to extract their medicinal properties until the mixture becomes an oily paste-like consistency. 

Once cooled down completely the paste is then strained through a cloth before being stored in air-tight containers ready for use during postnatal massage sessions.  

The resulting mixture has a pleasant scent and can be applied directly to the skin without any additional preparation 

The History of Traditional Javanese Jamu Oil 

Jamu oil has been used in Indonesia for the longest time as part of their traditional medicine. The practice of using Jamu oil has also spread to other countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Japan. 

The herbal blend is based on an ancient recipe passed down through generations of healers. Each ingredient has been carefully chosen to treat specific ailments associated with childbirth recovery 

Why Use Jamu Oil for Postnatal Massages? 

Jamu oil has been used for centuries by Indonesian women as part of their postpartum recovery process. 

It helps to nourish the skin and reduce inflammation while providing relief from aches and pains associated with childbirth. 

It is believed that regular use of Jamu oil can help increase blood circulation in the body which promotes healing after childbirth. 

In addition, the natural oils provide essential nutrients that help strengthen the skin while promoting cellular regeneration.  

The Benefits of Jamu Oil 

Why Is Jamu Oil Used During Postnatal Massage (1) - Postnatal Massage Singapore

In addition to its healing properties, Jamu oil is also believed to offer many other benefits including moisturising dry skin, reducing inflammation, reducing muscle tension, improving circulation, promoting relaxation, reducing stretch marks and scars, improving digestion, relieving headaches and muscle tension, reducing stress levels, improving sleep quality, boosting immunity levels, calming nerves, improving mental clarity and focus, increasing energy levels, balancing hormones naturally, aiding in weight loss goals after childbirth, providing anti-aging benefits due to its powerful antioxidants, AND SO MUCH MORE (especially for women who have just given birth)!

These are just some of the potential benefits that make using Jamu oil during postnatal massages so beneficial for new mothers who are looking for a fast recovery period after childbirth. 

Also, since the ingredients are natural, it can be safely used by pregnant women without any side effects or adverse reactions. 

Closing Words 

Jamu oil is becoming an increasingly popular solution for mummies going through postnatal recovery. Jamu oil is made from a variety of Indonesian medicinal herbs, plants and oils, and has been used in traditional medicine for centuries due to its antiseptic properties. 

It helps to restore energy levels depleted during delivery and counteracts postpartum depression by stimulating the release of endorphins, which are known as the “feel-good hormones”. 

On top of this, it also helps with all sorts of physical aches and pains that come as a result of childbirth – such as backache, muscle strain and swollen joints – as well as promoting better sleep patterns. With all these benefits, it’s no wonder Jamu oil is so highly sought after by mummies recovering from childbirth.

So, start using Jamu oil during postnatal massages and enjoy the many, many amazing aforementioned health benefits for new mothers who need extra help recovering after giving birth. 

This all-natural product has been used by Indonesian women for centuries due to its healing properties which include reducing inflammation while moisturising dry skin as well as offering relief from muscle pain associated with childbirth. 

In addition to the physical benefits such as post natal slimming, there are also mental health benefits associated with using Jamu massage weight loss regimes such as improved sleep quality which leads to better overall wellness for new moms who may be struggling with fatigue or exhaustion during this time period in their lives and could use some relaxing after delivery massage

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