What Pressure Points To Avoid During Pregnancy Massage?

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A massage, certainly one of life’s basic joys. A massage, from a brief kneading on your shoulder to a full-body massage, never fails to help you relax and make your day a little brighter. Massage is an excellent treatment for a variety of ailments, including injury, tight muscles, and stress.

Things are a little different now that you’re pregnant compared to when you weren’t carrying a human within you. While getting a massage when you are pregnant is OK, even recommended, there are particular areas of your body that you should avoid rubbing, especially if you are doing it on your own or with someone who is not equipped to provide a prenatal massage.

This naturally leads to fallacies about what you may and cannot massage when pregnant. Without further ado, let’s get this party started (well, not an actual party since you’re pregnant, but you get the point)!

Where Not To Massage A Pregnant Woman:

We’ll go through a couple of the most popular pressure points that should be avoided during a massage.

Certain Parts of the Feet

During pregnancy, some regions of your feet and lower legs become “switches,” triggering emotions related to your pregnancy.

The reflexology zones around the ankles, SP6 acupressure point, and urinary bladder 60 and urinary bladder 67 are the three locations on the legs to avoid (both points are located between the Achilles tendon and heel, and on the baby toe respectively).

Certain Parts of Hands

Yes, you read that correctly. Hand massage is also strongly avoided during pregnancy. Look at that fleshy strip of tissue between your thumb and index finger. The masseuse is not allowed in that area. Massaging this region, also known as the Hegu, can produce contractions. Again, we must emphasise that not all mothers will experience the same thing. 


This should be self-evident, but we’ll say it anyway. At this moment, your baby bulge is most likely the most sensitive portion of your body. Excessive pressure on it might cause contractions, which may lead to the start of early labour.

It is recommended to avoid massaging your abdomen entirely unless you are confident that your body can withstand it and your doctor has given you the all-clear. Even so, go to a highly educated massage therapist who understands the proper types of massage, methods, and pressure to use on a pregnant woman!

Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Massages

What Pressure Points To Avoid During Pregnancy Massage_ - PNSG

We’ve also produced a list of some of the most often-asked questions from our clientele. If you’ve ever questioned if certain portions of your body should be handled or massaged while pregnant, here is the place to come!

Can I have a massage when I am pregnant?


Without a doubt! We strongly advise getting a prenatal massage after 28 weeks of pregnancy and, at most, two weeks before your projected due date. You may still receive a pregnant massage between the 16th and 27th week, but you must first seek permission from your doctor or gynaecologist!

Is it okay to massage a pregnant woman?


Yes, it is most definitely alright to message an expectant mother. To be safe, search for “professional pregnant massage near me” to get a professional massage. This is because there may be particular bodily regions you should avoid that average people are unaware of, which leads us to the following question:

Which areas to avoid in pregnancy massage?


While a professional prenatal massage is typically safe when performed by qualified professionals, we recognise that some moms prefer to have their close loved ones touch them. The belly, breast, and particular pressure points are some regions you may want to avoid or at least apply less pressure to while massage. 

What pressure points should be avoided during pregnancy?


Every woman is unique, and so is her body’s reaction to massage during pregnancy. If your body is especially sensitive and quickly aroused, avoid massaging pressure points such as the three fingers above your ankles and the region between your thumb and forefinger.

Can you massage your feet when pregnant?


You most certainly can! Indeed, the feet are one of the body areas most affected by water retention during pregnancy, and massages are an excellent cure for this. Massaging your feet when pregnant might assist ease swellings and cramps, especially if you’re carrying another human being.

What part of the foot should not be massaged during pregnancy?


In relation to the preceding issue, if you are concerned about pressure points, one region to avoid in foot massage pregnancy stages is the area approximately three fingers above your ankle bone, known as Sanyinjioa or SP6. Why? For further information, see the following question.

Why should you not massage your ankles when pregnant?


Certain pressure points may be too much for expectant mothers whose bodies are particularly sensitive or reactive to stimuli. Massage of the ankles – or pressure points – during pregnancy is said to promote early contractions and jeopardise a pregnant mother’s vulnerable state. 

What positions should be avoided during pregnancy?


Avoid reclining on your stomach, especially if your baby bump is…prominent. A prenatal massage, unlike postnatal massages, does not need you to lie on your stomach. Your back will still be massaged to relieve hip and back pain, but you will only be required to lie on your sides.

Closing words 

Overall, remember not to cut corners or take needless risks, especially when it comes to you and your soon-to-be-born child. Understanding is only half the fight. Now that you know what pressure points to avoid while pregnant and NOT to do, it’s time to do what you SHOULD do!

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