What is Pregnancy Massage?

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Carrying the weight of your growing baby bump everywhere while trying to complete your day-to-day tasks could not have been easy. Like many other to-be mommies, you might notice your pace slowing down and taking the usual stairs now causes you to pant heavily. If it has crossed your mind that maybe getting a massage could be the solution, great news! You are on the right track.

What is Pregnancy Massage?

Commonly known as prenatal massage, a pregnancy massage is a form of body massage therapy or treatment performed on pregnant mothers. The massage will avoid sensitive areas like breast and stomach.

When Should I Get Prenatal Massage?

It is generally performed after 28 weeks of pregnancy with countless health benefits that will ease your pregnancy journey. You can still get it earlier from your 16th until the 27th week of pregnancy, but make sure to consult your gynaecologist to get their green light before you proceed.

The question remains; should you go for a pregnancy massage? How will pregnancy massage benefit you? Are there any prenatal massage risks you should know of? We address all your concerns down below!

Is Prenatal Massage safe? 

Yes, a prenatal massage is a safe practice that medical practitioners generally agree with. Many pregnant women spend time to find a masseuse on their own to know and be certain of who will be performing the massage on them. First of all, remember to let your massage therapist know that you are pregnant. If your massage therapist is trained and certified to perform the massage, you may proceed with it. 

It is crucial that you find out about their qualifications because certain massage therapists may not be truthful about it. Getting a pregnancy massage from someone without professional knowledge and skills can lead to various pregnancy or labor complications. If your masseuse is indeed unqualified to give the massage, you ought to go to the professional pregnancy massage therapist. Even better, consult a pregnancy massage agency. This will prevent any unwanted conflicts later on. Besides, if you go for the ones with actual expertise, they would know how to deal with individual pregnancy concerns.

Is there anything I need to be wary of?

Getting a prenatal massage during the first trimester can contribute to morning sickness and trigger dizziness so you might want to put that plan off in your calendar. Not to mention, the first 12 weeks are deemed to be a critical time period where there is a risk for miscarriage. While miscarriage is hardly caused by massage, it is always best to stay away from possible harm. Therefore, wait until you are in your second trimester or after you have passed the first four months of pregnancy.

Plus, the second trimester is when you will start to notice visible changes on your body. This is a pretty good thing because that means you can see effective changes after you have completed your prenatal massage sessions. Your massage therapist will avoid tummy massage as it can make you uncomfortable and/or mess with your baby’s position. Do not lie on your back during the massage as well as the weight of your baby can compress blood vessels and reduce the placenta circulation which carries the oxygen to your fetus. You will normally be requested by the therapist to lie on your side. 

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How will the prenatal massage benefit me?

During pregnancy, there will be hormones released that can cause overwhelming stress for to-be mothers. If this sounds like something you are going through, then you should consider prenatal massage as it can help reduce stress hormones and make the whole journey less mentally taxing.

Prenatal massage also enhances blood flow as it releases muscle knots and muscle tension. As a result, this boosts your lymphatic system to keep it working at peak efficiency while at the same time flushing out toxins from your body. The improved blood circulation will reduce your joint pains, backaches, and also cramps.

Apart from giving you ease of mind and reconnecting it with your body, this massage also encourages you to be more in touch with the baby you are carrying. You get to relax more and this will aid in treating insomnia if you are suffering from that as well.

Due to fluid retention, you will notice certain body parts like your arms and legs starting to balloon in size. Not only this is very normal, but it will also go away on its own. Unfortunately, it can cause so many discomforts during its stay on your body. If you stand too long, your ankles soon start looking like pressed doughs. Getting a massage can get rid of water retention and relieving carpal tunnel syndrome, making you feel more energetic. 

Lastly, your head and neck will also be targetted during the massage. This will alleviate headaches, reduce the chances of migraines, and treat sinus congestion. It can keep depression at bay which is a particularly crucial aspect you need to control but it takes control of you.

Prenatal massage or regular massage?

Aside from the massage techniques and the body parts included or excluded, there is the technical procedure that distinguishes the two massages. When going for a prenatal massage, there will be a special cushioning system with holes that allow you to lie while facing down. When lying on the side, there will be pillows or cushions designed to support your body parts (mainly your baby bump) as well. If you opt for a regular massage, there won’t be such a system.

Due to the water weight you are gaining, it can be easy for you to get cramps if you remain in one position for a long time. Thus, you should spend half the time lying on your stomach with your face down and the other half facing up. Having supportive tools that hold up your body parts is important while you are in a particular position. 

The most important key is to maintain constant and respectful communication with your massage therapist. Always let them know how you are feeling; whether you are enjoying any particular thing they do or if the pressure is causing you pain.

How much does pregnancy massage cost?

The rate is around $60 to $100 for a single 30 to 60 minutes massage session. Of course, this depends on your location and facilities provided by the massage therapist or their agency.

If you don’t give it a try, you’d never know what it can do for you! From tackling body aches to giving you a better night’s sleep, the advantages of getting a prenatal massage are endless! If you still have other questions or concerns regarding pregnancy massage, just ring us at PNSG for a more personal and private one-to-one talk!

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