What can Prenatal Massage Treat?

What can Prenatal Massage Treat - PNSG

How far along are you? No matter which trimester you are in, I bet there is at least one discomfort that you simply want to get rid of. In the first trimester, you may get dizzy and nauseous at times.

Then comes the second trimester, you start feeling pains and aches around the ligaments on your lower abdomen or pelvis, and there may even be visible stretch marks.

By the third trimester, you are beyond ready to get rid of your water weight and swellings. The pregnancy journey really is not all that bad, but you can’t help but dread these almost every day.

The good news is, these could go away during pregnancy or after childbirth, but that does not mean you should simply bear with it all the way throughout your months of pregnancy.

Surely you have come across pregnancy massage as one of the suggestions for overcoming your issues. Studies have indicated that prenatal massage can give a soon-to-be mom a much better pregnancy.

Pregnancy massages typically address different individual needs, but a full body massage therapy is preferred by many. If you wonder how exactly a massage solves your issues, here is what you can expect to be treated with:

Water Retention, Edema, Swollen Feet

Water retention happens to a majority of pregnant women and you probably experience it too.

Do not worry as this happens because your body is providing a comfortable place for your baby to be in. It will gradually go away on its own after you have given birth, but massaging your body during pregnancy will aid that process.

Massaging your swollen body parts like legs and arms can treat water retention. It relieves your strained muscles and, in turn, improves blood circulation which helps in eliminating excess fluid which will strengthen your strained muscles and treat your pregnancy swellings.

Back Pain & Lower Hip Pain

You probably would not have a good posture as you progress along, especially when you are reaching your third trimester.

If you hadn’t noticed, walk in front of a mirror and observe how you stand. You might find yourself arching backward to counterbalance the weight of your baby that is causing a huge amount of stress on your back.

This condition can worsen as your baby gradually moves down into your pelvis with their head pressing on your lower back. Your massage therapist will normally place the main focus on your spine, massaging it to soothe muscle tension.

Moving on to your lower back, the massage also improves your misaligned pelvis, reducing the natural back pain from pregnancy. Your back pain will be relieved by the reduction of stress on your back and lower hip area caused by a load of your baby bump.

This massage also assists in correcting your posture and helps you adjust to a changing alignment.

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Pregnancy Stress & Headache

Massage therapy is famously known for providing relaxation and reducing anxiety. It is normal for pregnant women to have strained shoulders and neck along with their headaches.

Due to the increase in hormonal production, you might also experience declining sleeping quality. Such a relaxing massage therapy will lower stress hormones which can reduce stress and give the mom a calmer pregnancy experience.

A pregnancy massage will effectively reduce the chances of migraines and tension headaches throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Cramps

We understand how pregnancy cramps can mess with your daily routine, including your sleep. Cramps are normally related to circulatory changes, pressure on the nerves in your legs due to the pelvis pressing on your lower back.

Prenatal massage releases muscle knots, thus improving blood circulation and soothing inflamed nerves. Through prenatal massage, the muscle tension will lessen and this reduces your cramps. It can relieve muscle aches and joint pains.

If you have difficulty falling asleep due to this issue, a massage will also promote better sleep, ensuring you have sufficient sleep during pregnancy.

In regards to its safety, prenatal massage has been widely approved by doctors and modern medical practitioners.

Typically, your massage therapist will normally avoid massaging your abdomen, breast, and chest areas to ensure that the massage would not affect the position of your baby or cause any complications.

Closing words

Prenatal massage benefits go beyond giving you a moment of relaxation as you prepare for your delivery. It also lets you go through your pregnancy journey free of stress and pains, leaving you with only good things to reminisce about when it’s over.

That said, you can stop searching for how to get rid of round ligament pain now. Swing by our homepage to take a look through our prenatal massage packages today!

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