Treating Postpartum Womb Through Binding & Postnatal Massage

Treating Postpartum Womb Through Binding & Postnatal MassageAfter nine months-long of pregnancy and a strenuous, nerve-wracking delivery, it is finally time to let your womb recuperate properly. Your body has adapted drastically throughout pregnancy as it houses your newborn. Therefore, your body experienced a significant weight gain and your womb may have shifted out of its usual size and position. Thus, how would you rectify these body changes? Well, there are two methods to resolve this. The first one involves a binder, and the second one would be postnatal massages. Which one would be better? What are the differences? Can you do both to speed up your recovery? This article delves deeper into your doubts.

Binder for Womb Recovery

First and foremost, let us begin with binders. If you are a new mom, you might still be relatively new or unfamiliar with this item. A postpartum binder is designed to provide the needed support for your recovering body as your muscles revert back to its pre-pregnancy state. It also helps to keep your body warm after the cooling process of delivery. Plus, there are various benefits to wearing a binder for your womb and you might be surprised how a simple practice could do wonders for your body! 

Improve and Straighten Your Posture

Be it in a physical or emotional sense, pregnancy and childbirth take a huge toll on a woman’s body. The most affected part of this whole process is your posture. The binder helps in providing support when bending your knee or walking. Besides, the binder also provides support to your back as you try to adapt with your post-pregnancy weight. Furthermore, using a binder would also promote correct posture and prevent overextension of the lower back. As a result, it would also help prevent the weakening of key muscles that support the spine as well.

Tone Your Body

When your body undergoes pregnancy, your tummy’s skin is stretched as it creates a space for the baby. During confinement, wearing a binder is beneficial as it helps to tone loose belly skin. This is due to the support given to the vertical abdominal muscles and organs by the traditional binder. Plus, a binder is useful for you as it treats flabby tummy and prevents tummy bulge to ease the uterus back into shape. A helpful addition to your tummy which has undergone various physical changes during pregnancy and birth. 

Help in Slimming Down

Moreover, a healthy combination of binder, balanced diet and exercises (as advised by your doctor) would be key in helping your body slim down! How can a binder help you lose weight if you might ask? Well, it does help in breaking down fat and cellulite and improving your blood flow. Furthermore, it shrinks the swelling and keeps your abdominal tissues compressed to reduce pain. We do understand that the first thing that most mothers would want might be to return to their pre-pregnancy body as soon as possible after birth. However, do keep in mind that this is a long term process and you will need to be patient about it. Chin up mommies, trust the process!

Postnatal Massages for Womb Recovery

Treating Postpartum Womb Through Binding & Postnatal MassageWhat is a postnatal massage? Also known as postpartum massage, a postnatal massage is a calming massage that is carried out to soothe mothers’ discomforts after childbirth while helping them to regain their pre-pregnancy figure. This massage is usually done 5 days after your childbirth if it is a normal delivery and 21 days after childbirth if your means of delivery is caesarean. Now you might be wondering, “where can I get a postpartum massage near me?” We would recommend you getting an in-home postnatal massage for your convenience! You can now book a session online and save yourself the hassle of going out! The best part? You are able to choose your sessions based on your own preferred time. A great convenience indeed!

Relieves Stress and Promotes Relaxation

The rigorous process of childbirth would exhaust you with a great amount of energy. Thus, it is normal to feel fatigued and tired. A good postnatal massage can help you during your postpartum period as it eases tiredness by promoting relaxation to enhance sleep quality. It is also proven that postnatal massage can greatly help muscle tension, increase blood circulation and stress reduction for new mothers, which would indirectly help with your womb recovery too. Plus, you can also have a post natal massage home service right at the comfort of your home! What better way to recover faster than entrusting your body to a reliable pair of hands? You might be surprised at how postnatal massages could work wonders for your body. 

Improves Breastfeeding Abilities

Postnatal massage therapy is beneficial for you when it comes to lactation as it helps relax your muscles as a breastfeeding mother. This will then naturally help to lower your stress hormones, increase blood circulation and decrease the swelling. As a result, this can help relieve engorgements and increase your breast milk supply as the blocked ducts are cleared.

In addition, postnatal massages are great for your body as it serves as the catalyst to promote the release of oxytocin, a hormone that is important in returning the womb to its regular size. Postnatal massage would benefit your body as it helps encourage the discharge of lochia, realign pelvic positions and improve the abdominal organs to be positioned as it used to be. This would greatly aid your recovery and bring comfort to your body. Pregnancy and delivery are parts and parcels that affect a mother’s life in the long term. Therefore, it is only wise to let your body get the treatment and pampering sessions it deserves.

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Relieves Pains and Soreness Associated With Giving Birth

One of the best things about postnatal massages is that it helps with relieving the pain and soreness associated with giving birth. You will feel more comfortable with postnatal massage as it helps to ease sore spots and relaxes muscle tension particularly on the abdomen, lower back & hip area. Therefore, this will encourage your muscles to retract and for your womb to return back to its original state. It also helps you to release the stiffness caused by incorrect latching position. Plus, there are an abundance of skilled masseurs out there who would be more than willing to to help you out on this matter. So what are you waiting for? Schedule one now! Meanwhile, if you are looking to make your transition to motherhood smoother with the best mom and baby products, you can visit MumChecked! They have plenty of options available just for you.

In conclusion, binding and postnatal massages possess their own advantages and perks, it is up to your personal preferences if you want to opt for either binding or get a postnatal massage for yourself. However, it is worth noting that you would be able to draw the best effects out of them when used in tandem. This would be a great factor to consider in planning out your postpartum recovery!

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