Treating Leg Pain During Pregnancy with Massage

Treating Leg Pain During Pregnancy with Massage         

When you are in the third trimester of pregnancy, almost everything you do is at a much slower pace. You are constantly being slowed down due to the increasing weight of the baby you carry everywhere. Walking a far distance or climbing up stairs now almost feel like extreme sports! Fret not, for this is very common for pregnant women. A majority of pregnant women face the same issues, but there are many treatments you can opt for to relieve them. Today, we will help you to understand how pregnancy massage is one of the best treatments out there that can help you relieve your legs pain.

If you would like to get to the bottom of the issues, we can help you understand what is happening. The swelling of your body parts like arms and legs are mainly caused by fluid retention. This is simply your body adjusting to the pregnancy as your stomach is going to house a growing fetus for the upcoming nine months or so. Thus, your body tries to be as comfy of a place as possible for your baby. Unfortunately, it can take a toll on other parts as well and not only your abdomen. Due to the increased weight, it is normal for your ankles to get swollen if you stand on them for a period of time. 

So, what would massage do?

Stimulate blood flow

The pressure pressed on your skin and flesh is meant to stimulate the blood circulation. This can treat not only the swelings, but also issues like varicose veins (visibly swollen veins that often appear on legs and feet). Any condition that puts excessive pressure on legs or abdomen can cause varicose veins. Therefore, it is an extremely common occurrence among pregnant women. They do not usually cause health problems, but you may still be bothered by their appearance. If you do, now you know that massage is one of your solutions! 

Reduce water retention

Getting rid of the water weight means many things. You are able to move around without feeling pain in every step. As you are possibly doubling in size, performing a simple activity is not as easy as it used to be for you. Reduced fluid retention can help you lose weight and ease your movement. A proper prenatal massage that tackles fluid retention can also slim you down.

Improve overall health

A pregnancy massage can combat and prevent leg cramps, something pregnant mothers always face. Also relieving aches around your joints and ligaments, this massage can also reduce the risk of blood clots. Blood clots are linked to various other serious health concerns so it is best to prevent it from occurring in the first place. The best advantage you will get from the massage is that an improved condition of your body will make walking and moving in general so much more comfortable!

All in all, massage is one of the natural approaches you can take to combat all these problems. If you are reaching out to the professional ones, make sure that they are qualified and certified to perform prenatal leg massage. Massage therapists from an agency are normally required to undergo constant training to ensure their knowledge and skills are fresh and put to their best uses. This way, you can keep all your worries at bay!

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