The Type Of Oils Commonly Used For Postpartum Massage

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Having a full-body massage after delivery is a great way to relax the body. This postnatal massage therapy also has an added benefit of slimming down the body. You can find a lot of professional therapists in Singapore who are willing to visit your home to offer their massage services. There are many benefits to having a postnatal body massage. For starters, it will improve the circulation of the blood, melting the stress away. It is also beneficial for relieving soreness.

Masseuses often have a particular body massage oil or a range of oils that they use during the massages, and if you don’t know which type of oils is the best oil for massage after delivery that you should be using, then reading this article will provide you with some insights on the type of post natal massage oil to use and its added benefits.

  • Mustard Oil: The first choice of postpartum massage oil that masseuses use is usually the mustard oil, and it is believed to have a warming effect on the body. Heat is what any new mother needs in order to improve the healing process as it encourages blood flow and muscle repair. Mustard oil also provides relief from muscle and joint pains.
  • Sesame Oil: Some groups of people believe that new mothers need a more cooling type of massage oil after pregnancy, and this usually refers to the sesame oil. When applied regularly, this oil helps in controlling stress and reduces blood pressure.
  • Almond Oil: Almond oil has a sweet aroma and acts as an excellent moisturiser for the body. It helps by aiding to relieve muscle pains and reduces stretch marks when used regularly. However, almond oil is more expensive than sesame and mustard body massage oil.
  • Olive Oil: Although expensive, olive oil is arguably the best oil for massage after delivery as it offers a heating effect on the body which helps to get rid of muscle and joint pains. It also allows you to have younger looking skin. You can find a number of people using olive oil for postnatal massage in Singapore.
  • Other Oils: Apart from these common postpartum massage oil choices, you can also use sunflower oil, grape seed oil and wheat germ oil. These types of post natal massage oil selections may be a little difficult to get hold of. So, be sure to inquire with your masseuse if they have them should you wish to try them. You can also try using lavender body massage oil as it promotes a calming effect and will boost your mood instantly. When using wheat germ massage oil after pregnancy, it is recommended to mix this oil with another type of oil as it is quite thick. This list of oils is rare and thus will be more expensive.

Before investing your money on these oils, it is best to speak with your doctor about whether you should hire a therapist for a body massage. Some people’s bodies might be more sensitive to massages, and thus it is best you consult with your doctor first.

Another thing to take note of is to check that the therapist is a qualified professional who knows all the pressure points and voice any concerns you have for them, so they know which areas to focus on or which parts of the body to avoid.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Pregnancy Massage Oil

Q: Which is the best body massage oil after pregnancy?

When choosing body massage oils, there are several things you might want to consider. First is the benefits of the ingredients to the body and skin. The other factors are likely to depend on your personal preference.

It could be anything from texture and consistency, absorption into the skin, and even the scent. At PNSG, we use grapeseed oil which many believe to be the best oil for massage after delivery. For a start, it works wonders to improve the skin’s elasticity and make it softer. Its light consistency and silky texture make it easy to be absorbed by your skin as well.

Q: Which oil is best for normal delivery?

One particular postpartum massage oil for mothers we’d definitely recommend is the grapeseed oil. It makes the skin softer and improves the elasticity of the skin. On top of that, it has a light consistency and silky texture, making it easily absorbed and won’t leave a greasy feel on your skin. You can pretty much use the same massage oil whether you went through normal delivery or C-section. The only difference is that after C-Section, you might need to wait for a little while (roughly after 3 weeks or 21 days) before starting your massage.

Q: Is olive oil good for massage after delivery?

Olive oil is one of the recommended oils to use in a postnatal massage. Apart from improving your skin, it is said to also have heaty effects when applied onto the skin, which makes it ideal for postpartum mothers.

We recommend Mustela olive oil for baby massages. It nourishes and protects the baby’s skin. At PNSG, grapeseed oil remains our top choice of massage oil after pregnancy as it offers extensive benefits to your skin and body. It can help make your skin plumper and softer, as well as improving its elasticity.

Q: Which oil is good for massage after a C section?

Your choice of post natal massage oil is not usually determined by the birth method you went through, but every mother has their own preference. We would suggest choosing an organic oil which benefits your skin, and at the same time will feel comfortable for you as you will most likely get the massage on consecutive days. We use grapeseed oil as it can help achieve what new mothers want; to make their skin softer and more elastic. Furthermore, it is suitable for our tropical weather due to its light consistency that will not feel heavy or greasy on your skin.

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