The Benefits Of A Postnatal Massage For New Mothers

Jamu massage in Singapore

If you are like many other new moms, it must be both beautiful and exhausting at the same time.

Don’t worry, you are not alone!

Dealing with a newborn is not an easy task and you have been doing enough and a lot on your own.

Now, it’s time for you to take some time off. We know being a mom means you are basically at a full-time job all day long, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take a break. So, do. Do take a break if you are up for it.

Getting a postnatal massage would be one of the best things to go for! You might not know much about it and think that a postnatal massage is only meant to slim you down, but that is just one of the many benefits of it. Want to know what else it can do for you? Read up below!

What is a Postnatal Massage?

The first thing you need to know is what a postnatal massage is. Well, a postnatal massage is a special kind of massage, designed for mothers who have just given birth, to help to readjust or realign the body and its parts into their pre-pregnancy positions. Postnatal massages also help to relieve stress and pain and promote overall wellness for you as a new mother.

At PNSG, our postnatal massage covers more areas than just the body parts mainly affected by water retention. It involves breast massage and womb massage to help resolve issues that you would encounter with these parts following your childbirth.

For your breasts, for instance, you may experience engorgement or other issues like low milk supply. While it seems unlikely, massage can treat both of these! Displacement of the womb is also a common condition of a postpartum mom which happens due to the pushing and pressure exerted to your womb during the labour.

A lot of issues are usually only faced by post-birth moms, hence can only be treated by therapists who know what they are. That is all the more reason to seek professional and certified postpartum masseuse.

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What are some postpartum massage benefits?

Well, some benefits of postnatal massage include:

It eases pains

Postnatal discomforts may not stop immediately after giving birth, especially if there were minor complications. There are soreness, aches, sharp pains, and so much more that can be very uncomfortable in the days that follow the actual birth.

The most obvious postpartum massage benefits include easing pains. By getting a jamu massage, your body will release the “feel-good hormones” or endorphins that help to relieve pain in the body and make your recovery less uncomfortable.

It helps you to recover faster

You might be wondering ‘how does a massage make me recover faster’? Well, during the massage, key areas of your body are targeted and this will help the involved muscles to relax, thereby increasing blood flow. As a result, lymphatic drainage will increase, speeding up the rate at which waste, toxins, and excess water leave the body. This, in turn, reduces swelling, tenderness and healing time.

Also, when the body has a cut or a wound, blood clots will form to prevent further blood loss. When this happens, the other blood vessels deliver nutrients and oxygen which promotes healing. Getting a postnatal massage after cesarean will speed up your recovery time because these types of massages increase blood circulation, and the more nutrients and oxygen that are delivered to the wound, the faster it will heal.

It reduces your belly size

After giving birth, your belly may decrease in size, but not to its original size right away. During our massage in Singapore, the belly is massaged with oils, herbs, and hot stones, and then bound with a tight cloth known as binder or bengkung. This combination not only reduces the size of the belly but also realigns the spine and the pelvis, all the while improving your posture. A few sessions of this, followed by exercise will bring your tummy to its post-baby size or even flatter in no time!

It relaxes your mind

Without question, pregnancy and childbirth are both taxing on the body and have a mental toll as well. It is not uncommon for a new mother to experience periods of depression or even anxiety as a result of the pregnancy and new responsibility. Luckily, postnatal massages target this by creating a calming environment for you and by reducing cortisol or stress levels.

It repairs your womb

Repair is a strong word, particularly because your womb is in no way damaged or broken per se after your childbirth, but the effects of massage can really go to that level of repair.

If you experience uterine prolapse, the condition where your uterus descends lower than its original position, what actually happens is that the muscles holding them up are becoming weakened. Massage can help to stimulate the contraction of your womb, hence getting them back into their pre-pregnancy size and state.

It helps in breastfeeding

Here’s how. As you already know, a lot of breastfeeding difficulties are caused by blocked milk ducts and poor latch which can result in bigger issues. Massage helps by stimulating the circulation and flow of the milk, maintaining a good supply all day long. If you are experiencing engorgement, massaging your breast can tremendously help in relieving the pain.

Postnatal massage carries an abundance of benefits that are not as frequently talked about compared to the slimming benefit. By now, you should be gearing up to get your very own postnatal massage in Singapore. Be sure to do your research and find the best one for you! If you have further enquiries, we at PNSG are more than happy to assist you!