Tested and Proven Massage Oil That’ll Make Your Skin Look Healthier & More Youthful

Tested-and-Proven Massage Oil for Postpartum

Welcoming the arrival of your little additional member in the family is joyous and definitely calls for a celebration or two! But with them, comes several unexpected guests that are visible as we look into the mirror. Certainly, a small price to pay for such a precious angel, but sometimes we can’t help but sigh looking at the changes happening in our bodies. Stretch marks, loose skin, dull complexion, and the list goes on. We got you, Mama!

As you may already know, getting a postnatal massage can help to improve the postpartum skin and at the same time encourages a smoother recovery. With the additional help of a binder after the massage, you can also achieve your ideal body shape faster and better.

Other than the massage techniques and the binder used, massage oil plays a big part in postnatal massage. As a matter of fact, choosing the right massage oil for pregnancy is key to unlocking the best benefits of body massage.

There are quite a few massage oils that can bring various benefits to your body. Some common massage oils include olive oil, almond oil, and grapeseed oil. At PNSG Postnatal Massage Singapore, we use grapeseed oil as the massage oil to help mommies solve their postpartum problems. Let’s see what is really good about grapeseed oil.

Grapeseed oil

Grapeseed oil is derived from grapeseed and it makes a great massage oil. The grapeseed oil is light, nearly odourless and easily absorbed by our body. The texture of the grapeseed oil is smooth and silky without being greasy. We believe this is the texture everyone looks for during the massage!

This texture is especially important for postnatal massage as mommies need to wear the customised binder for 6 to 8 hours after the massage. We can’t deny that it’s not very comfortable to wear a binder but our binder is adjustable to make you more comfortable. Therefore, mommies are encouraged to take a shower before the massage to prevent rashes and irritation. 

Other than that, grapeseed oil for stretch marks has astringent properties which help to improve postpartum skin and stomach stretch marks. The grapeseed oil is suitable for most skin types and rarely causes allergic especially for sensitive skin unless you are allergic to grapeseed.


Mommies usually turn to massage for relaxation and to improve their appearance – be it their figure or their skin condition. With these in mind, we also choose grapeseed oil for our massages! 

Apart from keeping your skin hydrated and looking plump, this oil can help to reduce the appearance of blemishes, wrinkles, and stretch marks in pregnancy. Many mothers also believe, based on their experiences, that grapeseed oil for pregnancy stretch marks helps to tighten and tone their skin. 

Combined with our therapist’s professional massage technique, grapeseed oil also helps to improve your skin’s elasticity better, making it look more youthful.

Other than serving these uses in pre and postnatal massage, grapeseed oil is also used for an aromatic purpose to promote relaxation. Furthermore, people are rarely allergic to grapeseed oil so you don’t have to worry about the risk of experiencing irritation or allergy during or after the massage.

Grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants help keep our skin protected and prevent disease and inflammation. 

Last but not least, the essential fatty acids in grapeseed oil help to keep our skin healthy and healthy-looking. It encourages the healing of common skin conditions including acne and eczema. At any other time, grapeseed oil can be used as a skin toner that cleanses pores and balances oil production. This can help prevent future acne breakouts and keep your skin beautiful.

Some tips for storing the grapeseed oil: Keep the grapeseed oil in a cool, dry location away from direct sunlight. To extend the shelf life, it can be refrigerated.

Here are other five top tips that you can practise to get and maintain healthy skin after birth, both inside and out. Let’s get right into it! 

Never Forget Your Sunscreen!

Sunscreen for Body

Yes…even if you only stay indoors all day long. Unless you stay completely in the dark, the sunlight can still penetrate your window glass and you may still get the sun here and there just from walking around the house. Therefore, whether you like it or not, you will need protection from the sun’s rays. 

Protecting your skin is key to slowing down the appearance of visible ageing signs like wrinkles, and fine lines as well as preventing bigger dangers like sunburn or even skin cancer. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, the recommended SPF number is 30, which is claimed to provide a sufficient amount of protection. Of course, no harm in going above!

Follow a Balanced Diet

Now, this is one of the most popular pieces of advice there ever is when it comes to taking care of literally any part of your body, but rightfully so! Being the largest organ, it only makes sense that what we consume can affect both our health and appearance – just like it does the gut, kidney, liver, and others. Hence, choose what you put on your plate wisely! 

For a start, you can opt for more antioxidant-rich foods such as berries, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, and a bunch of yellow and orange fruits. You may also want to reduce your consumption of processed foods or food high in refined sugar as they are believed to be able to contribute to skin ageing. Yes, this is definitely not easy, but you can start slowly! One less teaspoonful of sugar every day is still progress.

Stay Hydrated

Do you know how someone just ‘glows’? Well, often, that glow comes from one thing that everyone can afford; hydration! Fill yourself up with enough liquid throughout the day and you may just see improvement in not only your overall health but also your skin! Studies show that the outermost layer of our skin, if not given enough water, will lose elasticity and the texture may feel rough.

While there are no sufficient studies done to further prove the connection of this with keeping yourself hydrated with liquid intake, it is still better to be safe than sorry. Regardless, you still have to drink a lot of water.

Drinking water is not necessarily the only hydration method there is. You can also choose moisturising products that will do wonders for you! Since showering can also cause dryness to a certain extent for some people, you can start putting on hydrating moisturiser within a few minutes after you leave the bath or shower. This is the ideal time to apply moisturising products because your skin is still porous and thus absorbs better after a shower!

Get a Massage

Body Massage

Yes, you read that right! Getting a massage can help you maintain healthy skin after birth! Massage works because it helps with blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which is why the practice of facial massage is so common. It helps in slowing down the ageing process as well as helping you achieve youthful-looking skin! If you are not sure of the right techniques to massage yourself, you can simply look for a massage lady Singapore moms usually go with.

At PNSG, our Premium Postnatal Massage has been proven to be effective in brightening and smoothening skin. We also include the face acupressure point massage which helps to clear water retention as well as lifting your face.

Of course, taking care of your skin does not just mean taking care of your face. Our whole body needs to be cared for just as much. Otherwise, you would have youthful-looking skin and a body that looks older or not as well taken care of. 

For this, our premium and slimming packages also include the body scrub and wrap that work to exfoliate your dead skin cells. Interested to know more about our post natal massage home service? Just reach us at +65 6417 9690, daily between 9 AM and 6 PM.

Cleanse Your Face

Given how chaotic life can feel at this point with a newborn in the house, it is easy to neglect our own upkeep. You may feel like you cannot spend a long time cleansing your face, let alone doing your extensive steps of a skincare routine – that’s okay. But if you care about your skin, make sure to thoroughly cleanse them when necessary. There may be bacteria forming that can cause pimples

The general rule of thumb is to cleanse your face daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. Of course, this depends on other factors too, such as whether you have been super active throughout the day (which might require more frequent cleansing) or if you have extremely dry and sensitive skin, in which case one-time cleansing per day may be enough.

You may already practise some of these, but a simple tweak to your daily routine can go a long way! If your skin condition worsens, we strongly advise you to get an expert’s advice so you can be prescribed proper medications, if need be. 

All in all, just make sure to not stress yourself out about this. Whatever changes you are going through, inside or out, are normal and will soon pass. Give yourself to adjust to the new routine and you’ll get back on track naturally when you are able to.

We hope this has been helpful for you to learn more about the massage we use in our sessions! At PNSG, your needs and goals are our priority and we strive to meet all of them, all the while providing a relaxing experience through our Javanese massage.

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