[Review] Postnatal Care – Post Natal Massage Singapore


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Postnatal massage home service is something I really looked forward to after delivery. Other than getting to enjoy some “me time”, it provides a host of benefits. 

Having tried TCM postnatal massage for my first child, I decided to engage PNSG this time round to try out their postnatal massage.

postnatal care

Being a first time customer of PNSG, I was briefed through the phone on the things to prepare:

  1. 1 single mattress
  2. 2 big towels and 2 small towels
  3. Kitchen towels (Note: My therapist used this to line the binder so the product wouldn’t stain it)

I love it that PNSG provides postnatal massage home service in Singapore. My therapist brought along a binder and several bottles of massage oil. She also laid out a thin white sheet on my mattress to avoid staining the bedsheets. That said, being extra OCD, I placed batik on top of my mattress to play safe too! This is how it looks.

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage Singapore

I was very excited to finally start my massage after over one month postpartum as I really needed post pregnancy care. During the first session, I thought the massage would begin once my therapist is ready. However, she took out a small handbook produced by PNSG and started explaining to me about the benefits of postnatal massage such as postnatal slimming and how the flow of the entire massage session would be.

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage SingaporeHonestly, I was impressed. I am a huge fan of massages but I never had a therapist giving me a handbook and briefing me on the entire postnatal massage process! Good effort!

I particularly enjoyed the head, tummy and breast massages. I am unsure if it is because I have been washing my hair daily, I have been having mild headaches and I love it that my PNSG therapist would apply pilis (a kind of herbal mixture) on my forehead while she gently massages it. Pilis is effective in eliminating excess wind, dizziness and headaches, making it great for new mums in terms of postnatal care.

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage Singapore

On the other hand, tapel (also a type of herbal mixture) is applied on the tummy. It helps in expelling wind, promoting blood circulation, encouraging the natural discharge of lochia and burning excess fats. 

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage SingaporeTapel is applied before binding to enhance its slimming efficacy. 

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage Singapore

If you refer to my IG highlights, you can see how skilled my therapist is when it comes to binding and the binder only became loose after a good 5-6 hours despite me moving around while taking care of the little bub. 

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage Singapore

Guess what? I was also pleasantly surprised to see at least a 40ml increase in breast milk after every massage session. Can you imagine that this happened even after one month postpartum? Yippie! 😀

The breast massage really helps me to unblock the milk ducts. Now that my postnatal massage home services have ended, I continued to do the breast massage myself while I shower to ensure that my supply does not decrease.

Overall, I am always glad to end every massage feeling super fresh and recharged.

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage Singapore

Happy to say that there was postnatal slimming and I shaved off 2.5 inches from my waist after all the sessions too. 

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage Singapore

Thankful to have engaged PNSG for my postnatal care! <3

[Review] Postnatal Care - Post Natal Massage Singapore

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