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Postnatal massage at home

New mamas, how has your breastfeeding journey been going on? If it has been going on great, good for you! Then again, you wouldn’t be here if that’s the case, would you? We understand that at times, breastfeeding feels like the toughest thing to do as a new mother. First off, it is completely okay to feel so. Chances are your mom used to dread her breastfeeding times as well. We have all been there.

Secondly, it is your lucky day as your browsing has led you to stumble upon this article! We know just the treatment you need and deserve; a postnatal massage therapy. This therapy includes a body massage, focusing on parts that will be extra sensitive to postpartum mothers like the abdomen and breast areas. By targetting the breast, the massage will help in treating your breastfeeding problems and issues like blocked milk ducts and mastitis.


About Mastitis

Mastitis is the inflammation of breast tissues, normally caused by the infection of breast ducts. Although it is a topic rarely brought up in conversations with new moms, mastitis is a very common occurrence. Unfortunately, one that can be frustrating and painful as well.

You may find swelling, breast enlargement, or redness around the breast area that are all mastitis symptoms. Your breast will start to itch and your arms can also feel more tender. As new mothers experience fluid retention, they might shrug these symptoms off as a result of the water weight they gain. There might be small cuts or a wound around the nipple or the breast skin. Lastly, you can also fall sick and catch a fever because of it. Although your immunity is understandably weaker during the early postnatal period, it is best that you take all the sudden and irregular discomfort or pains seriously.

Almost all new mothers are at risk of getting mastitis whether you are breastfeeding or not. Keeping your baby in only one position when breastfeeding can easily contribute to it. If you already experiencing sore or cracked nipples, then your breast tissues are more likely to get infected.

To treat mastitis, you can opt for medical help like your doctor might suggest. However, if you are like many moms who prefer non-medical solutions, getting a breast massage can do wonders for you!


About Breast Massage

Similar to a normal full-body massage, it involves using an oil that is spread on the skin of the breast. Then, soft and gentle pressure will be applied and glided over that area using the palm or thumb. 

Breast massage will clear blocked ducts, loosen clumps or hardened areas, and reduce the risk of mastitis. Many moms have successfully gotten rid of their sore breast engorgement through massage. As a result, you can produce sufficient breast milk for your newborn and diminish any breast feeding issues.

Even the safest activity can turn bad, so there are precautions you must take in order to not cause further complications. Vigorous massage on the breasts, for instance, can do more damage than good.

Hence, be extra careful when getting someone else to massage you. Seek postnatal massage therapy from certified post-pregnancy massage therapists. They have handled a lot of post-birth bodies with their own individual issues. Whatever issue you have going on, there is an extremely high possibility that your masseuse has encountered and treated it before.


About Postnatal Massage

Of course, if you are keen on giving breast massage a try, you might as well consider full-body postnatal massage. Getting this postpartum massage can help you to slim down by getting rid of your water weight and improve your condition, physically and emotionally. 

The pressure applied to your body will combat muscle knots and tension, releasing the strain you put on it during pregnancy and delivery. When performed on the abdomen, this massage can aid in womb recovery. The improved blood circulation reduces swellings and helps eliminate excess fluids. It promotes relaxation so you could release stress and in turn, have much better sleeps at night.

What’s better than a postnatal massage? Postnatal massage at home! Yes, you don’t even have to step outside. Postnatal massage therapy agencies like PNSG will give you the treatment in the comfort of your home to let you be more at ease. Talk to us to learn more about it!

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Postnatal Massage Recovery Postnatal Massage Recovery

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