Regular Masseuse VS Pre/Postnatal Massage Therapist

prenatal and postnatal massages

Are you normally the type to go to the same massage parlour and ask for the same masseuse? We get it – once someone knows the right way to massage you, it’s hard to let anyone else take over. Unfortunately, if you are pregnant or have just delivered your child, you may have to be prepared to say goodbye for them – at least for the time being. 


They are familiar with the issues you are going through

If you tell your masseuse your legs feel tired, they may simply massage your joints and relevant body parts to relieve the pain. But a prenatal masseuse will know why your legs are tired at that particular point, and one of the most common reasons being the water retention itself that many expectant and postpartum mothers go through. With this knowledge, they are able to modify their techniques accordingly and massage you more efficiently to get rid of the water retention


They know what you may not know

It is easy to dismiss what your body is experiencing at this time as something normal. If you wake up with a headache, you may shrug it off and try to get rid of it with paracetamol. However, your pre/postnatal masseuse will know ways to relieve that headache naturally through massage techniques which will also promote a good night’s sleep for you.

Another instance, you may want to get certain body parts massaged, but they will know better not to massage some sensitive areas such as breast and abdomen that can possibly cause complications or stimulate contractions. Or at least they will modify their techniques or reduce the pressure when massaging there.

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They are the best person to do it

Sure, you might enjoy being personally pampered by the loving hands of your mom, your grandma, or perhaps even your spouse. But unless they have been professionally taught to do the pre/postnatal massage, they are probably not even the second best person to do it for you. 

There are a lot of issues that are new and even unfamiliar to yourself, so letting a certified masseuse take care of them is what is best for your body and pregnancy – and we have over 70 of them! So without any certificate in performing pre or postnatal massage, your mom/grandma/spouse most probably rank lower than all of them combined. 


Of course, there’s always an exception! If your regular masseuse is certified and professionally trained to perform prenatal and postnatal massages, you can keep going to them for a massage during (when it’s safe to) and after your pregnancy. Otherwise, it is best to stick to the ones who are qualified to perform the massage. 

Our massage therapists have all undergone professional training to do prenatal and postnatal massages. They are all WSQ-certified! On top of that, we have a head trainer who will ensure that all techniques of our therapists are correct and that they are ready to massage our clients.

We hope this article has enlightened you on the importance of going to the right person to make your pregnancy or recovery journey better and smoother. Choose wisely! When you are ready to be pampered in a relaxing massage in the comfort of your own home, PNSG is just a phone call away (+65 6417 9690)!