Reasons Why A New Mother Should Get A Postnatal Massage

Reasons Why A New Mother Should Get A Postnatal Massage - PNSG

Your body will take around six to eight weeks to recover properly after giving birth, and you should let it take its sweet time.

Depending on your body’s condition, the time period may be longer or shorter. Even if it is going to take longer than what you’d expect, there are various therapies or practices you can practice that will assist in your postnatal recovery, one of them being the postnatal massage.

What is the difference between a postnatal massage and other types of massage? A postnatal massage is distinguished by its massage technique or procedure which is specially-designed for mothers who have just given birth.

This massage aims to ultimately relax the body and mind of the new mother while helping her combat her concerns regarding body changes.

There are endless reasons for why you should get a post-birth massage, but here are some of the main ones!

Speeds up the recovery process

While most mothers prefer to deliver vaginally, there are some circumstances which will call for C-section. After giving birth through this method, the place where the incision was made along with your whole body will need some time to recover.

By getting a postnatal massage after a cesarean in Singapore, you will benefit from increased blood circulation and supply which, in turn, will speed up the healing process.

Relieves pain after childbirth

Labour can be long and physically draining. Traditional Javanese post natal massages in Singapore are designed to help relieve this pain by using a series of oils, hot stones, herbs, and wraps.

This combination causes the body to release a special hormone called endorphins which naturally soothe pain in the body. So say goodbye to those sore shoulders, back, neck and other spots affected by pregnancy and labour.

Aids in healing the body

With pregnancy comes discomfort, swelling, pain, tenderness, and others. Your body also retains fluid, causing swellings on your stomach, arms, and legs.

By getting a massage, your body will begin to relax and as a result, your blood flow will circulate better. It also encourages lymphatic drainage, removing toxins and waste from your tissues. In time, your body will begin to feel and look much better!

Improves your mental health

Not only is pregnancy and labour physically taxing, but you may also carry a heavy mental burden along with it or afterwards.

Lot of new mothers come out of pregnancy with side effects like depression, anxiety, and overwhelming stress as a result of the hormones released in their bodies during that period.

A postnatal massage will boost the release of happy chemicals, making you feel relaxed and comforted. The environment in which the massage takes place should also be calming and soothing so your mind can be at ease.

Enhances your physical appearance

During pregnancy, your body undergoes many changes. Your pelvis expands, organs shift, ligaments stretch, your stomach grows in size, and so on.

Postnatal massage therapists can detect these changes and help treat your body back into a pre-pregnancy state.

For certain postnatal massages, a binder or belly wrap will be used to maintain a good posture and help shape up your figure. Your body will be wrapped with the binder from the pelvic area up to your abdomen.

Among the benefits of this new mother massage practice include realigning the pelvis, reducing belly size, improving your posture, and helping to reduce water retention and eliminate toxins.

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Closing words

Now that we have given you our take on the benefits of getting a postnatal or postpartum belly massage, it’s now time for you to schedule an appointment so you can also enjoy a sped up postnatal recovery.

Have other questions unanswered in this article and still want to Google “jamu postnatal massage Singapore”? Well, before you do that, we at PNSG are ready to answer your queries and help to restore your body to its former state, so get in touch with us instead at +65 6417 9690 today!