Prenatal Massage at Home: Learn All About It Here!

Prenatal Massage at Home: Learn All About It Here! - PNSG Singapore

Carrying an ever-growing baby bump feels like carrying a bag that you could never put down. For someone who is heavily pregnant, the thought of travelling a far distance already makes their knees knock in anxiety. Walking anywhere that is farther from going from one end of your house to the other can be tougher than how it looks. It means putting pressure on your ankles, causing them to balloon up in size.

This mainly happens due to water retention which is extremely common among pregnant women. Your body is supposed to retain fluid more than usual so that your baby can grow comfortably in a comfy ‘house’. This condition, unfortunately, can cause several body aches like back pain and leg cramps.

Dealing with tension, headaches, and back pain all at once could not be easy, especially if you are following certain daily routines. Working moms, in particular, may have very little time to relieve their discomfort amidst their busy schedule. Are there still ways for you to relieve your pregnancy discomfort? Yes there are! One of them is by getting a massage, and no, you don’t even have to step outside for it!

‘Do I really need a massage,’ you might wonder. This depends on you, but we’ll say you most definitely do because you are going through a lot, on your own! Others can sympathise, but you are the one who experiences it. Even if you have heard others share their stories on how they managed to get through difficult pregnancy without receiving any help, it does not make you any less ‘qualified’ to receive one. Treat yourself the way you would treat your newborn. In other words, go get yourself pampered!

What is the process of getting your massage at home?

A massage therapist (or their agency) normally would get in touch with you beforehand to provide you with necessary information. This means you would be communicating either online or through the phone first. Once you are sure which one you would like to compare with one another, you may proceed to talk to them personally. The topics that can be in your enquiries are truly vast. You may be discussing massage preparation materials like towels and mattress and also the completion of the balance payment procedure.

A prenatal massage is normally performed on to-be mothers who have passed the first trimester. Unless you go to a spa or massage place, the massage therapist will go to your place. To see effective changes to your body, you should get it done every week. Hence, subscribing for a package is totally the more feasible option compared to getting the individual sessions. To spare your energy, get a home-based service so you would not have to go out every week to another place.

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Who should massage you?

Unless you are going to have your partner or family member perform it on you, you would have no other option but to have the masseuse come over. In choosing your massage therapist, you have two options; whether to go with freelance or agency. Both have their pros and cons. Freelance massage therapists may cost lower and it may be easier for you to trust freelance massage therapists who are recommended by people you know.

However, just because a freelance masseuse is recommended by others, this does not mean all the recommended freelance massage therapists can do it. They may be able to perform a normal massage, but they may not specifically have the skills for pregnancy massage. A full-body pregnancy massage is very different compared to all other types of body massages. One has to be certified to professionally perform it. When weighing in this aspect, it is better to opt for an agency. Agency would ensure their massage therapists have received proper training and are skilled to perform the service.

The reason why this matters a lot is that prenatal massage has crucial aspects that differ from other normal massages. For instance, when pregnant, certain body parts of yours are sensitive and when stimulated, can trigger or induce labour. Thus, a massage therapist who is trained in this area would exclude the abdomen and breast completely during the massage. Not to mention, an agency will make sure that the booking and setting appointment processes are made convenient for you. They will also have replacement therapists in case the assigned one does not suit you.

Also, you may want to look into what is included in their package. So many people are unaware of how helpful the freebies or package can be for them!

What will prenatal massage do for you?

Being among the top concerns of almost all pregnant mothers, the main objective of pregnancy massage is to target and diminish water retention, especially on your arms and legs. The massage will improve your blood flow by releasing muscle knots and tension. This way, it will not only reduce the pain you may feel but also prevent cramps. A pregnancy massage will ease your movement so you do not have to remain in uncomfortable positions and posture. After several sessions, you will start seeing effective results of the reduced swellings.

The whole concept of prenatal massage at home services is not just about treating your body, but, in home prenatal massage, it is also about making you feel as relaxed as possible. If you are getting tired of your body aches but are not really big on the idea of travelling elsewhere, perhaps it is time for you to start Googling for the following keywords “massage prenatal near me” and get a home massage soon. Get pampered in a massage session and have your discomfort being driven away from your body one by one!

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