Making Your Pregnancy Pleasant with A Massage

Making Your Pregnancy Pleasant with A Massage - PNSGIf you are blessed, your pregnancy will feel as smooth as a soft breeze that comes with the sea waves. However, that is also as rare as hen’s teeth.

You have a growing baby inside of you, so it would make perfect sense for your body to start feeling some discomforts due to the increasing weight and the pressure it places on your body parts.

This does not mean that you have to endure it for months and “let it be”. It is your pregnancy, no one else can know exactly how unbearable it is for you so you should also take matters into your own hands to ensure your comfort and relaxation.


It is understandable that the steps to prevent any aches or discomfort are often overlooked. It happens to most of us, for many different things and in various occasions.

For example, not many people would go for regular checkups unless they start feeling like something is wrong with their body.

Still, if you are still early in the pregnancy and you are not feeling any discomfort, there are ways you can prevent them from constantly appearing in the future.

Drinking water at intervals

Your body absorbs water best when your stomach is not full of food. Plus, drinking heavy amounts of water during or directly after a meal may thin out your body’s natural juice that can aid in digestion.

In general, everyone is normally recommended to drink one glass of water half an hour before and after a meal. When you are pregnant, your growing baby is gradually sliding down and pressing against the bladder so it may not be ideal to constantly drink a huge amount of water for, say, every 5 minutes.

You may end up going to the toilet almost every five minutes as well and depending on how far along are you, you probably despise walking due to the discomfort and do not wish to walk a lot. Then, what can you do instead?

You could spread out your water intake evenly over the course of your waking hours and only drink more when you are feeling extra thirsty at any point.

Increase the water intake during the day and lessen the night ones to prevent yourself from having to wake up in the middle of your sleep to go to the bathroom.


Exercising, as we all know, have plenty of benefits for our health, ranging from reducing the risk of various heart diseases to controlling your weight. All of these are important for a soon-to-be mother’s journey.

The increasing weight may slow down your pace or quickly tire you out when you step out of the house, but there are other ways to go about it. You can stick to brisk walking or exercises that can be done indoors.

Consider indoor stationary cycling, prenatal yoga, and low-impact aerobics. If you are uncertain of which ones are suitable to be performed by a pregnant mother, consult a certified instructor or your doctor.

You can exercise early in the day, at noon, or early evening according to when you feel is the best time for you. Once you have done it repeatedly, you can see significant results in which you can get more quality sleep and your body will also experience fewer aches due to the improved blood flow.


Stretching is a good way to start and end your days. It will do wonders in decreasing muscle stiffness which you may experience a lot on your back and neck. It can also increase your range of motion which, to some extent, can slow down the degeneration of your joints.

More importantly, stretching can prevent cramps and low-back pains which is why it is advisable to stretch at night before so these issues will not disrupt your sleep. Practise stretching every day rather than doing it every once in a while. This way, you are continuously training your muscles to be more flexible which can reduce your risk of injury from making sudden moves.

In relation to the previous point, if you exercise, stretching will keep your muscle loose and lose the tightening effect, thus relieving post-exercise aches and pains. Also, when done in addition to exercising, stretching can also promote better circulation that allows for greater nutrient transportation through your entire body.

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Sure, prevention is better than cure, but sometimes we have no idea of what we are bound to get until we get it. That is why there are still solutions for whatever you are feeling. You may not be familiar with what could possibly be your way out, but we know one that may be able to help relieve all your discomforts and keep your concerns away.

Now that you have made sure to follow all the basics listed above, we can move on to the real reason why you are here; getting a prenatal massage. Will a prenatal massage make all the difference? It is not impossible!

Getting a pregnancy massage can help relieve aches, cramps, and pains at many different body parts. If you have water retention (also called oedema, water weight, or baby weight), chances are your arms and legs are swelling. This massage can help to alleviate the discomfort that comes with the swellings and even reduce the severity of the swellings. Last but certainly not least, you can release stress and have a better night’s sleep with it.

Closing words

There is no perfect pregnancy, but at least with reduced aches, someday in the future, you can look back upon your pregnancy and be amazed at how simple and beautiful it was.

Therefore, if you are already feeling certain body discomforts and thinking about Googling “prenatal massage singapore deals” or “prenatal massage near me”, let us save you the trouble there and say that our Post Natal Singapore prenatal massage services will do wonders in your journey to parenthood.

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