How to Physically and Mentally Prepare Yourself before Birth

How to Physically and Mentally Prepare Yourself before Birth - PNSG

Whether it is your first time becoming a parent or you’re already an experienced one, you’ll definitely agree if we say that preparations are key to a smooth pregnancy and labour. Amidst the joy of anticipating your precious baby’s arrival, you may find yourself having too many things on your plate to handle at a time. Don’t worry, let’s go over some ways you can be more prepared as your due date is drawing closer!

1. Research, and Research a Little Bit More

Talk to your doctor, gynaecologist, and any other experts and gather as much information as you could. It could be just to find out what programmes and facilities your local hospitals would prepare, which doctor would fit your criteria, or basic preparations to welcome a newborn, or even learning ways to practise breathing in labour. There are also antenatal classes that you and your spouse can join to equip yourselves with the skills new parents would need. 

Read up on other parents’ experiences and birth stories so you could expect what’s to come. Of course, while there’s no such thing as being ‘overly cautious’ when it comes to your little one, you should still make sure to not cause stress upon yourself when doing the research. Take your time to learn things one by one. 

2. Pamper Your Body

Now, this is an important one. Your body carries a growing infant for months before going into labour. It is important that you find a way to let your body relax and rest every now and then. And we don’t mean just resting and going to bed at the end of each day. You really have to set aside some time – maybe an hour or two every week – to let yourself get pampered.

Prenatal massage is one ideal treatment in pregnancy that you might want to consider. Each pregnancy comes with different sets of discomforts of their own, but more often than not, massage can help ease the journey greatly for you. 

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Your body is mainly affected by water retention at this stage so your legs might get cramped and become swollen easily. Carrying a baby bump can cause backaches, lower hip and leg pains, as well as muscle tension too. Massage can target muscle knots and effectively get rid of the water retention effects, promoting a more convenient and comfortable pregnancy. A smooth pregnancy, of course, can certainly make you feel more physically and emotionally prepared for birth.

Postnatal Massage - PNSG
Postnatal Massage – PNSG

Not sure how to do prenatal massage or reluctant to go out, especially during the pandemic? Look for prenatal massage home service in Singapore, such as the service we at PNSG provide. Our in-home massage service will allow you to minimise movement out of your house and prevent the hassle of having to go back and forth to any massage parlour. Our massage therapist, instead, will travel to your place to bring the relaxing, authentic Javanese massage to you!

3. Gather a Support System

“If it takes a village to raise a child, it (also) takes a village to support that child’s parent.” – Ann Douglas. Isn’t this true? The responsibilities and duties of becoming a parent can be a lot and at times, overwhelming. Unfortunately, since we are adults, we might think we are expected to figure things out completely on our own. Even if some people around you truly believe this, don’t let it get in the way of you reaching out for help. 

Where there is any form of help or support you could get, grab it. Don’t let guilt take over you. It could be the mom guilt making you think that you are burdening the people around you or that you should be able to do the motherhood without depending on other people, but this should not be the way. If you make things easy for your loved ones, why wouldn’t you want to do that for yourself as well?

Hence, start looking for the different kinds of help and support out there from the pregnancy. Try listing out what kind of support or any aspects of life that you think you would need help with. 

For instance, you might not want to cook in your confinement, so one option you could consider is to sign up for confinement meal delivery that will deliver your foods every day. This way, you can remain focused on your recovery and newborn. You can also try looking out for a part-time helper who can come once in a while to keep your place clean and organised. 

If you have pets or older children, decide who will take care of them when you go into labour and pack their items way beforehand in case you had to go into early labour. When you have matters like these carefully planned out, you can anticipate postpartum confinement with peace of mind.

4. Keep a Pregnancy Journal

Keep track of your physical and mental changes along the way. It will not only help you become aware of what you are going through and the effects of pregnancy, but it can also help you find suitable help for it. You can also keep a list of what managed to help you overcome the unpleasant experiences during pregnancy.

If you go through something similar after birth, you can flip through your journal to find all your previously-tried-and-tested solutions. Seriously, this will be helpful to you later on down the way! And even if it doesn’t, wouldn’t it still be sweet to have something to remind you of what was the days in your pregnancy like? 

5. Feed Yourself Well

Make sure to follow a balanced diet throughout your pregnancy. What you eat, to a certain extent, can directly affect the growth of your baby in the bump. You’ll be advised to take more calcium, folic acid, and iron and may be prescribed with some prenatal vitamins from your doctor. Stick with what you are advised by the experts so that your body is well-fed and energised to bring your little one into this world.

There may be some restrictions when you get into labour, such as not eating or drinking much for hours long. Nearing your due date, never go without hydrating yourself and filling yourself up with all the good foods that will do their work to provide you with energy in labour. 

Some of these practices can also be considered as parts of your self-care at home. At PNSG, we make your at-home experience even better by bringing our massage to your place! We have both postnatal and prenatal massage packages to accompany mothers all the way throughout your maternity stage.

In fact, we have massages for adult women at any stage! Even if it has been years since you’ve given birth, we could still help you with our Slimming & Relaxation Massage. Simply give us a call at +65 6417 9690 to see how we can help ease your maternity journey!