How Postnatal Massage Benefits Mothers Postpartum

How Postnatal Massage Benefits Mothers Postpartum - PNSG

Have you recently given birth? Or are you pregnant and planning for your confinement? If so, your number one priority other than the baby would then surely be to recover as quickly as you can and get back to your feet as soon as you are able to. While there are many ways to help with that, such as getting the right nutrition, sleeping right, and exercising, there is one method that is quite popular. Not only is it beneficial for after delivery, but it is also absolute bliss, and it is getting a massage.

One of the most relaxing things anyone could do is get a massage. A massage does not only help you release tension in your body. It brings about many other benefits that you might not think possible, and at the same time be a supporting activity that will aid in your body’s recovery after giving birth. Thus, we are going to discuss them here and learn how getting a massage post-delivery can be absolutely beneficial for a woman postpartum.

1. Relieve water retention

Swelling is a common occurrence during and after pregnancy. This happens when the body retains extra water to ease carrying the baby and the whole delivery ordeal, and the water can remain in the body even after childbirth. It can be very uncomfortable and it makes daily activities like standing and walking annoying thanks to the discomfort. 

A great way to gain some relief would be to massage the swollen areas, typically the legs and feet. You don’t need to get professional services, and can just perform it yourself at the comfort of your own bed with simple strokes and moving of your legs and feet. However, a massage by a professional can do wonders and make you feel just so comfy as all you need to do is lie on the bed and enjoy getting relaxed. The best part, by relieving the swelling, you get to effectively tone up your body too. Hence, most mothers consider postnatal massage like a slimming massage Singapore therapy that helps them with weight loss and toning the body after giving birth.

2. Promote better sleep

Sleep is almost like a privilege after the baby is born. Needing to cater to a baby’s every need, is exhausting and rewarding, and yet, the fulfilment from that is not enough to power through sleep deprivation. With proper, restful sleep, your body will be able to destress and be relieved of tiredness. And a massage can help with that. The kneading of flesh around the shoulders, tummy, arms, thighs, and just all over the body helps to release some burden and tension while also promoting blood circulation, both of which allow for a good night’s sleep and better bodily functions.

3. Improve lactation

Breastfeeding may seem straightforward enough; just bring your baby to your nipple and he will latch on and feed. But no. While that is the ideal case scenario, there are many worries that breastfeeding mothers face, mainly the amount of breast milk she produces. And guess what? Massages are able to help with that. If you’re looking to get a lactation massage Singapore service does offer this as part of their postnatal massages, which is a breast massage. What it does is lower a breastfeeding mother’s stress hormones, improve her blood circulation, and help with engorgement, all of which aids in increasing milk supply.

4. Speed up womb recovery

The womb goes through a lot throughout pregnancy, labour, and childbirth. As the health of the womb has a significant impact on a woman’s wellbeing, it is extremely important to get it back on track quickly after delivery. With a good postnatal massage that includes a womb massage, the womb is stimulated to work toward recovery, pelvic muscles and abdominal organs are repositioned, and lochia is encouraged to be discharged. 

Lochia, or postpartum bleeding, is the vaginal discharge that contains blood and bodily fluids, and is of a mucusy texture, much like menstruation blood, that is released through the vagina after childbirth over the next few weeks. While it is different for every woman, rest and lower stress levels can help with it, as being too stressed can cause increased discharge. So, with a postnatal massage, relaxation and destressing are two other outcomes that could also help with womb recovery.

Postnatal Body Massage - PNSG

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