Different Ways to Massage Your Body When You Are Pregnant

Different Ways to Massage Your Body When You Are PregnantTo-be moms, when the bump is getting bigger (literally AND figuratively), there is more to deal with. The good thing is, more and more pregnant moms are starting to recognise the benefits of getting a massage during pregnancy! 

When should you consider prenatal massage?

When your legs don’t work like they used to before… But seriously, when walking has never been so challenging, it is time you relieve all that tied muscle knots all along your legs. You may also experience backaches that are making you so hard to fall asleep. There may be frequent headaches or migraine that you think are normal during pregnancy – and they are, but that does not mean you have to simply ‘let them be’. They might go away soon, but you know there is a high chance that they will be back.

Water retention also begins during pregnancy and you will experience discomforts due to it. The swelling arms, legs, and feet can be very challenging to deal with. While there are a lot of things you can do to relieve the discomforts that come with it, you do not always have time to practise them or elevate your legs every time you feel the discomforts.

What kind of techniques should you use in a prenatal massage?

There are many effective techniques to relieving your pregnancy body discomforts and all of them are as simple as can be. For the parts you can easily reach, you can massage them yourself. For the rest, you can have your partner do it. We do not want to complicate it for you, so here the only TWO massage techniques you need to know!

  • Kneading & rubbing

  • Long strokes 

Now, before we get into each of them, one thing you should know is that you should do each of these alternately. Do one after another. Say, if you start with kneading, follow it with strokes. After that, continue with kneading and rubbing followed with more strokes. Proceed to do this several times until you start to feel your discomforts reducing. Of course, remember to use oil!

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You know how cats do that thing where they would softly ‘massage’ a thick and soft folded blanket? That’s kneading. It involves gently pressing your body parts with tense muscle as a first step to relaxing and releasing the knots. If you are massaging your legs, do it using four fingers at one spot and your thumb at the other. You can increase your strength according to how you like it.

Long strokes

Now for this, you can use your thumbs to apply the pressure in the form of long gliding strokes. You can use your whole hands, palms, or knuckles – whichever is easier for you. Do it as if you are ‘pushing’ the muscle knots to release their tightness. Alternate your strokes by switching the weight of your pressure. Start off with lighter pressure, and go stronger after the kneading. You can gradually increase the pressure, but make sure to go lighter as you are ending your massage.

Certainly, there are many ways you can perform massage when you are pregnant. However, if you have no idea where to start, these will make an excellent way to start. Massage can extensively benefit you, inside and out.

Apart from getting rid of your body aches and giving you some good relaxing time, massage can stimulate the release of certain ‘feel-good’ hormones. This will reduce your stress and make you feel much better. Due to the reduced aches, too, you can do your daily routine better. Above all, you will get much better night’s sleep!

During your pregnancy, it is crucial to pamper your body in any way you can. Massage is simply one of the simplest things you could do. Of course, it’s great that there are various massages while pregnant that you could practise. This way, you can observe what kind of massage does your body prefer more than the rest.