Differences Between Regular Massage & Prenatal Massage

Differences Between Regular Massage & Prenatal Massage - PNSG

For a pregnant mother, one of the best relaxing and healing therapies they could go for is a prenatal massage. While you need to adapt to the body changes and mood swings throughout the pregnancy journey, you do not have to go through them alone. Where you can, give yourself a break and pamper yourself with prenatal massage.

But, is prenatal massage safe? Of course! Prenatal massage is safe, but only if the therapist who performs massage is an expert in prenatal massage. As a soon-to-be mom, you must take note that the prenatal massage is not the same as the regular massage. A prenatal massage can bring you benefits and relieve discomfort specifically caused by your pregnancy, and beyond.

One of the main reasons that we will look for massage is to relieve muscle aches, tension, and soreness. Prenatal massage can increase blood flow, thus reducing the said pains and aches.


How is prenatal massage different than a regular massage?

In a regular or normal massage, the masseur will instruct us to lay on the stomachs for a back massage. However, you cannot do that for prenatal massage because this will put unnecessary pressure on your baby bump.

Plus, it might disturb the blood flow to the baby. The expertise of prenatal massage will instruct a pregnant mother to do side-lying for a back massage so that it is safe for both mother and baby.

Another reason mother looks for prenatal massage is to reduce water retention during pregnancy. Through prenatal massage, it helps to increase the lymphatic drainage and result in reducing water retention.

Usually, we will expect to receive a deep tissue massage when we request for massage services. But this can be very dangerous for a pregnant mother.

In a prenatal massage, the pressure applied will be lighter compared to a normal massage because too much pressure might lead to blood clots which can cause serious consequences for mother and baby.

Hence, a therapist must be very careful with the pressure applied for a pregnant mother.

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Benefits of massage for a pregnant mom

Massage is well-known to calm and reduce stress. Same goes to prenatal massage which can soothe and calm a pregnant mother. Prenatal massage helps to improve mood, reduce depression and anxiety. Mothers can have a better sleep at night after doing a prenatal massage.

However, we do not encourage pregnant mothers to do their prenatal massage by someone who is not qualified for that.

As you may already know, there are different pressure points linked to different parts of the body. For prenatal massage, we need to avoid certain pressure points that may trigger contractions for pregnant mothers.

Some sensitive pressure points such as ankles and wrists can stimulate pelvic muscles. Only a qualified therapist will know where to and not to massage.

Closing Words

Every pregnancy is unique and different. Mother’s body changes through pregnancy as the baby grows. Your posture will change to realign your body centre. Throughout the pregnancy process, the body changes will increase the stress on your joints and muscles.

If you choose to go with our prenatal spa packages, do let our therapists know if you experience any discomforts or sensitivity. Only under certain conditions, you are advised to not have prenatal massage such as low placenta. To be safe, you can get advice from your gynaecologist before you sign up for our highly sought after prenatal massage Singapore mummies love.

Also, who knows, maybe you’ll love it so much that you’ll even include our massages into your postnatal care routine…which we also happen to have! Feel free to browse our homepage to find out more about what packages we have to offer or simply ring us up at +65 6417 9690 today!

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