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How to Manage Pregnancy Weight Gain

So, you’ve just given birth to a beautiful, healthy baby. Everything’s wonderful, everything’s great. But being a woman, you’re critical of yourself for not ‘bouncing back’ to your pre-pregnancy weight quickly enough – what with the stretch marks and extra…

How to Deal with Pregnancy Leg Cramps

Pregnancy Leg Cramps

What causes leg cramps? Leg cramps are a painful feeling from involuntary spasming that usually occurs in the calves or feet. They happen when the muscles contract tightly all of a sudden, at any time during pregnancy, and more commonly…

[Review] Prenatal & Postnatal Massage by PNSG

Prenatal & Postnatal Massage by PNSG

Pre Natal-Massage As my baby bump grows throughout the pregnancy, body aches/tailbone pain and water retention has inevitably become more prominent. I am thankful to have met my masseur from Post Natal Massage Singapore (PNSG) and I had one session…