Can You Get Rid of Stretch Marks? 

stretch marks removal

Stretch marks are defined by a number of streaks or lines that appear on your skin. These marks are usually caused from growth or gains in weight, causing the skin to stretch and contract over time. We understand that you and a lot of mothers are aware of stretch marks and are looking for ways to minimize their appearance. Which brings us to the million dollar question, “Can you get rid of stretch marks?”

The answer is…. both yes and no. In some cases, stretch marks do disappear but most of the time, they fade into the skin and are less noticeable as time passes. 

“Okay, but can I make them less noticeable?” if you might ask. Well, there are certain ways to treat stretch marks and we are more than glad to help you out!  We have listed five ways to treat your stretch marks!

Apply Grapeseed Oil During Massages

Massage is one of the most efficient ways to tone those stretch marks down, it helps to firm loose skin and relax back to its original state. By applying grapeseed oil during your massage sessions, it distributes the healing nature of the fruit towards your needy skin. This would definitely be a treat for you because grapeseed oil is one of the most effective natural ingredients to improve stretch marks.

Use Specialised and Expert-Approved Cream 

This goes without saying, but you deserve the best treatment or medicines for yourself. Sure, it might take a few trial and error before you find the one that works best for you, but it is better to be safe than sorry! Expert-approved stretch mark cream is certified for its safe usage and practicality. Furthermore, they are developed by experts who possess in-depth knowledge on your skin and the right treatment for it. There are countless cases of customers who suffered from negative side effects because they bought uncertified products or used banned substances that could harm themselves. If you are looking for safe, natural, and effective stretch marks cream, we recommend MumChecked for the best deals.

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Keep Yourself Hydrated

By keeping yourself hydrated, we are not talking about drinking lots of water only. While it is good to keep yourself hydrated internally, it might be wise to show some love to your skin as well. Moisturisers might not make your stretch marks go away but it does help in reducing the impact of stretch marks and itchiness around the area. Furthermore, your skin relies on moisture to keep itself elastic and supple. Therefore, start applying moisturiser today!


Woman exercising

Exercising and working out do wonders in sculpting your body. They also help out in making sure that your skin stays flexible and young too! How? Well, certain routines such as yoga are helpful in toning certain parts of your body. Since the biggest organ of the human body is the skin, it will inadvertently have an effect on your stretch marks as well as they contract and relax according to your movements. Also, be sure to consult your doctor before you exercise, and start with a more gentle exercise!

Ice ‘Em!

“Ice ‘em!” Why? Because they help with stretch marks! How? Well, icing your stretch marks may help reduce the swelling and inflamed sensation on your skin. A simple step of applying an ice pack to the affected area would do the trick!

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliating is a good way to tone down the effects of stretch marks on your body. Hence, exfoliating the affected parts on your body is an efficient way of reducing the effects of stretch marks. Furthermore, having other forms of treatments such as using coconut oil, aloe vera or cocoa butter to complement exfoliating would be beneficial because through this method, your skin would be able to absorb the nutrients from your skin care product at a better rate. Allowing for a better recovery and a more efficient stretch marks removal!

Use Argan Oil

Have you heard of argan oil before or in any way familiar to it? No? Well today might be your lucky day! Argan oil is one of the most effective ingredients in treating stretch marks due to its rich nutrients! This unique Moroccan oil is very easy to be absorbed by the body. Plus, argan oil is an organic substitute for chemical based skin care products. While it does take time for the oil to work its magic, we would like to remind you that every treatment would require a similar process as well! The upside to using argan oil is that you can use it for as long as you want and need, and it gives a favourable result too! Hence, it is widely recommended for mothers in confinement and recovering mothers!

Use Cocoa Butter

Chocolates are not only sweet but their cocoa origin does have its many perks! By applying cocoa butter to your precious skin, you would also be able to retain moisture. In turn, this will fade the appearance of stretch marks over time.

Practice a Good Diet

Well, you know what they say, you are what you eat! Having a balanced diet is not only beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight but it is also useful in keeping your skin tender and moisturised. Protein enriched meals would aid the production of new skin cells and keep your skin elastic as well. Meanwhile, you might want to curb your junk food intake for the time being as they may worsen the appearance of your stretch marks.

In conclusion, don’t be too concerned or be upset if you have stretch marks. They are normal and they symbolise your growth, they are the testaments of your strength and willpower in carrying and giving birth to your child.

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