Can Massage Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks?

Can Massage Reduce the Appearance of Stretch Marks - PNSG Singapore

Are you a soon-to-be mom or a new mom who is worried about the appearance of stretch marks on your body? 

Don’t worry! Stretch marks are completely normal and usually occur when your skin shrinks or stretches abruptly. They are very common during pregnancy because of the sudden weight that pregnant woman put on which causes them to develop stretch marks. 

If you’d like to minimise their appearance, fret not, there are ways you can try. Stretch marks can be reversed with proper care. If you are worried about how to get rid of your stretch marks, this blog will provide you information on whether massage helps reduce stretch marks and if so, how to properly massage.

Can massage get rid of stretch marks?

First off, let us clarify that massage alone may not reduce your stretch marks completely. Pregnancy stretch marks can be lightened with the help of proper massaging techniques, however, you may need to apply body creams with the right skin-regenerating ingredients such as retinol, vitamin C, and more to reduce the appearance of your stretch marks.

However, if you are pregnant and experiencing stretch marks pregnancy causes, you might want to stay away from products with retinol in them because they can be harmful to your unborn baby’s health. 

You can use creams and oils to massage your stretch marks and this can prove to be more effective in terms of reducing the appearance of your stretch marks. If you are looking for good lotions and creams for massage purposes, check out MumChecked for good quality affordable products.

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Does massage help to reduce stretch mark?

While massage therapy is mainly used for muscle relaxation which in turn provides relief from stress, there are also other benefits to it. Yes, you guessed it — massaging your stretch marks with lotions and essential oils can help to reduce their appearance! 

How does massage help? By breaking down the scar tissues. Studies have also shown that massage can improve the elasticity of skin and reduce symptoms like itching, something that you may regularly experience when stretch marks are forming.

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Which massage techniques will work?

There are no specific massage techniques that can get rid of stretch marks in particular. This may sound negative, but here’s the good part. If massage works for you, ANY proper massage technique can work to lighten your stretch marks up to the point that they are very faint and in many cases not visible anymore. 

However, it is very important to massage regularly. Only then will you be able to see effective results in a few months. Massage promotes the flow of blood in the body which allows the body to heal itself and rid itself of imperfection.

Not all stretch marks are the same

Getting rid of stretch marks at times can be difficult because every woman’s body is not the same, and hence so do the stretch marks on them. Some women’s pregnancy stretch marks take longer to disappear so it is best to start massaging your body as soon as you start gaining pregnancy weight. 

Starting massage therapy early on in the pregnancy has helped many women such that they develop fewer stretch marks and are able to get rid of them easily. It has been studied that mature stretch marks are much difficult to get rid of, so if this your concern, you might want to start early! Get your hands on the best oils and lotions for massage from MumChecked.

In conclusion, massage can help to reduce the appearance of stretch marks pregnancy may cause, but the key is to care for your skin extensively, keep it moisturised, and use good lotions!

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