Best Ways to Treat Post-Baby Belly

Best Ways to Treat Post-Baby Belly

After giving birth, one of the most significant and most concerned body changes is a flabby and bloated post-baby belly. While it’s normal for mummies to want to get a flat and toned belly after delivery, it’s important for you to understand that it takes time for your belly to recover from childbirth.

After all, your belly took around nine months to accommodate a safe space for your growing baby. Hence, trying to get an instant flat tummy is unrealistic and unhealthy.

That said, there are certain healthy practices that can serve as a great foundation for you to gradually lose your post-baby belly. Incorporate them as part of your daily routine and stick to them, you might be surprised with the final outcome. Now let’s dive into some of the best ways to treat post-baby belly!

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Eat Healthily

One of the most efficient ways to treat your post-baby belly is to practice a healthy and balanced diet during your confinement. It is best for you to cut down on junk foods or avoid them altogether. Not only they would cause you to gain weight at a higher rate but it would also affect the nutrition in your breast milk. 

With that said, what should you prioritise in your confinement meals? Among many other vital vitamins and nutrients, well-balanced confinement meals include a healthy dosage of protein! Protein is beneficial for your postpartum weight loss as it provides the building blocks for repairing and promoting wound healing.

On top of that, protein provides the primary nutrition for your tissues and muscles to develop and it is crucial in breaking fats as well. This can help you with easier weight loss and shrinkage in the size of your belly.

But that is not all, protein is beneficial for confinement mommies as it helps in developing antibodies that are part of a good immune system. Sounds like a mainstay nutrient in your daily confinement dishes!

Exercise Accordingly

Getting your limbs and joints moving is one of the best ways to shed that post-baby belly! Exercises are good for your health as it helps you regulate and lose weight, keeps your body healthy and fit, maintain your stamina, keeps your body fresh and boosts your mood as well!

However, do be mindful of your limitations and exercise caution when exercising. Your body has just undergone a rigorous delivery and your body will need all the rest it can get. Hence, try to not overwork yourself as it will only bring more harm than good.

To try some of the most efficient and safe pregnancy exercise Singapore mommies would recommend, you can do work with head lifts, shoulder lifts, Kegels, kneeling pelvic tilt, and curl up. These exercises wouldn’t only help in toning your body but it is also beneficial for preventing prolapsed uterus. Time to take out that yoga pants and start working out mommies!

Use Belly Binder

After your childbirth, you might feel that the organs inside your tummy are sagging down and this might cause discomfort for you. Wearing a belly binder or support would help you with this condition as the belly binder provides abdominal support for pain relief and keeps the surgical drainage tubes in shape.

Belly binders are useful for treating your post-baby body as it helps to tone your body by making physical activities more doable and comfortable as well. This will make your confinement exercise routines easier as the belly binder helps in promoting movement and mobility!

The added benefits of wearing a belly binder or support include improved blood circulation around the surgical site for better recovery, increased strength of your abdominal muscles and reduced psychological stress as well! We know how uncomfortable it is for some mommies to breathe deeply and cough after their delivery so wearing a binder would help you with reducing such discomforts.

Meanwhile, if you are in need of more practical mum and baby products to ease your daily routines, MumChecked would be a great place to start! They have plenty of options for you to choose from. Have fun browsing!

Get A Postnatal Massage

Best Ways to Treat Post-Baby Belly

Last but not least, there is a way to lose that stubborn post-baby belly of yours and it is such a relaxing way to do so too! How, you may ask. It’s through a soothing postnatal massage! Getting postnatal massage is an effective way to help you lose water retention in affected areas such as the tummy and thighs.

Through post pregnant massage, improved blood circulation helps in burning body fat faster. Leading to a postpartum weight loss and eventually, improving your post-baby belly! In case you didn’t know, PNSG’s postnatal massage also includes a belly binding session to help you relieve water retention and tone your body.

But that is not all, having enough rest is also key in treating your post-baby belly and achieving postpartum weight loss. By opting for a postnatal massage, you will be able to rest better since massages help in easing fatigue and tiredness after a long day. This promotes relaxation and leads to improved quality of sleep. After all, who doesn’t love a good home massage service after an energy-sapping day? You might want to book a session now!

In conclusion, these methods would be useful in helping you lose or treat your post-baby belly. While getting a slim and toned body after baby does come with it’s benefits, remember to do it in a moderate and healthy manner. Good luck mama!
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