Best Practice for Losing Weight After Having a Baby

Best Practice for Losing Weight After Having a Baby
Best Practice for Losing Weight After Having a Baby

Finding it hard to get rid of the excess weight you gained throughout pregnancy? You are not alone – which is not a bad thing at all. Why so? Because it means that there are endless tried-and-tested slimming methods out there that have worked for other mothers before you. Which means…there might just be one (or two) for you as well!

The good news is that you can gradually lose most of the weight gained during pregnancy with good nutrition, exercise, and a little patience. Of course, it might take some time. You’ve spent 9 to 10 months long growing a human inside of you. Your body has gone through huge changes, most of which you have never experienced before. Hence, take as long as you need. Now, assuming that you have given yourself enough rest and time to heal, we hope you’ll then find the best method that would do wonders for you! 

Is it hard to lose weight after birth?

Not necessarily. If you have always maintained a healthy lifestyle, maintaining a healthy weight after birth can be easier too. Regardless, studies showed that there is a significant number of pregnant women who are overweight or obese at the time of conception and a third of them gain weight at the recommended amount of time during pregnancy. If you did not start living healthily before conceiving, it can possibly be more difficult to lose weight after – but not impossible! Developing healthy eating and exercise habits that promote weight loss during postpartum period can be challenging, but the first step that you take matters the most and will be the beginning of your new life.   

Best Practice for Losing Weight After Having a Baby

Start With Light Exercises

To help you lose weight after giving birth, a brisk walk to a nearby park or playground with the baby is a great start. As a matter of fact, it is one of the most underrated cardio exercises! Not to mention, it is a sure way to meet and befriend other mothers on the same weight-loss mission as you. Having a friend who wants to achieve the same goals as you can be extremely helpful. Plus, on days where you don’t feel as motivated to work out, you can help each other out or share your struggles and they are more likely to understand as they are mothers too

On top of potentially finding ‘workout buddies’, making new friends and doing exercises can help lift your mood. If you feel the need to, you can consult experts who are specialised in postpartum body health so you can get more information about activities that will help you exercise (at your pace) and lose weight.


This one goes without saying; breastfeeding is a magical thing! It is not only good for your baby’s growth and development but it can also help you lose weight because your body uses fat to store energy for feeding your baby. Mothers who breastfeed their baby, at least in the first few months after birth, tend to lose more weight and quicker compared to mothers who do not breastfeed. Hence, if you are able to, try to breastfeed as much as possible.

In fact, you are advised to have more foods (approximately 500 extra calories) if you are nursing and you can do this without worries of gaining weight! Producing the breast milk acts like a ‘workout’ for your body that it can burn hundreds of calories even when you don’t seem like you are doing much on the outside. This also should tell you that you are going to need more rest when you breastfeed!

Maintain a Balanced Diet

Maintain a Balanced Diet
Maintain a Balanced Diet

Your diet is one of the most essential aspects to look into if you plan to lose weight. Combine the active lifestyle (breastfeeding contributes too!) with a healthy eating habit and you may see results quicker than you expected to.

Dietitians agree that the best kind of meals is the balanced one where you have a little bit of everything on your plate: wholegrains carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Find out the best sources of these nutrients and select your foods from there. Remember, having lesser items on your plate doesn’t mean it will contribute to weight loss.

Of course, it’s safe to follow the general rules such as having more fruits and vegetables and limiting deep-fried oily foods and foods with high sodium level.

It’s hard to say when the weight loss will be most visible or when will you stop losing weight, but research shows that many women retain as much as 5kg at least, after all efforts. Losing those last few kgs can be tough, but maintaining nutritious eating and exercise can help keep your body healthy and fit. After all, your and your newborn’s health should still be the number one priority. 

It can be tempting to count calories and try to lose weight immediately, but do not try anything drastic, especially with your diet. Losing weight through diet also can mean that you are not passing enough nutrients to your baby. The healthiest way to lose weight is to lose weight slowly, over time.

Get a Safe Slimming Treatment

Slimming Treatment
Slimming Treatment

This one can work even for long-time mothers! At PNSG, we offer a Slimming & Relaxation massage as part of our postnatal care Singapore mothers can look forward to enjoy. Our slimming massage is available as individual package, but if you want a more comprehensive pampering; opt for Premium Postnatal Massage. All your discomforts combated and needs met, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed at the end of every session.

On top of the slimming benefits, some other results you can expect are smoother breast milk flow and production, toned body, brightened and smoother skin, sped up womb recovery, and better night’s sleep, among many others. If you have just given birth, going with Premium Postnatal Massage would be ideal as it starts off with 5 sessions of postnatal massage and is followed by the slimming massage right away, when your body is more ready to embark on that journey.

As the weight you gain is most likely due to water retention, you can also leave it to the hands of our skilled therapists to tackle your water weight – even during your pregnancy. We bring full body pregnancy massage right to your place so you don’t have to step outside and have your discomforts relieved in the comfort of your own home. So if you’ve wondered “is there’s any prenatal massage near me?” now you know – it can’t get any closer than your own bedroom!

All in all…

There is no set weight loss plan that will definitely work for all mothers after giving birth, so don’t feel disheartened if one thing does not work for you. Moreover, the more weight you gain during pregnancy the longer it takes to lose weight, say experts. But if you eat a healthy and balanced diet, you’re bound to lose weight. If there should be one main takeaway from this blog for you, let it be that the pregnancy – or even prior to it – should be considered as the best time to develop healthy habits because it affects both your health and your baby’s.